• In California where I am, it was cloudy, but it opened up for some time and could record Eclipse, Taken with Leica SL + Summicron 50mm + 2 ND filters (14 Stop)
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    • Good work.
      This was my first time seeing a total solar eclipse here in Missouri. My conclusions are that a partial photographs just like is looks, because you must shoot though a dark filter and then the sky is black. But in total the photos do not easily show what the eye observes. Where I was, the sky in total was never black, but dark blue,…[Read more]

    • Jack, thanks for the kind comments! To answer you directly, yes, the sky was a darker blue at totality than during the ‘regular’ part of the day before and after. One note I made was how defined the shadows were during the darkest parts of the eclipse, the ambient light was just low. It was odd to feel like it was an overcast day, but still see…[Read more]

    • In 1980, I witnessed in India, best way to shoot during totality is
      (1) Remove ND or Dark filter.
      (2) At Iso 400, Shutter speed 1/60 and take different images at all Apertures. This way you can record all phases from Baliy’s Beads and different layers of Corona…
      (3) same setting, but keep Aperture at F/8.0 & shoot at different shutter speed…[Read more]

  • Today, Leica has announced a new program allowing users of previous-generation Leica S-system cameras, or other medium format digital systems, to trade in those cameras towards the current Leica S (Typ 007). The […]

    • Bernard, that is a good question! The S-E was not listed but we have inquired with Leica, and will update the table when we get a reply. I’ll also reply to your comment with the update.

    • The S-E is the same credit as the S (Typ 006) and I’ve added it to the table!

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  • Leica has just released updated firmware for the newly launched TL2. After the first batch of cameras shipped a couple weeks ago, some early users reported their cameras being rendered inoperable. Leica […]

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    In an overdue follow-up, I’d like to mention that Leica replaced the faulty sensor, as well as adjusted, fine-tuned, and cleaned the camera. It’s now better than new. Plus, they replaced the top-panel LED, which was notorious for failing early on. I just did without for years.

    Big props to everyone at Leica Store Los Angeles and the Leica crew…[Read more]

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  • Leica just released a statement acknowledging a serious issue with the recently released TL2 camera. In some cases, when using the Visoflex (Typ 020) electronic viewfinder on the TL2, the camera can be ren […]

  • After discovering a bug in their most recent M10 firmware release (, Leica has quickly issued another firmware update for the M10: firmware The new firmware has the same SD card compatibility […]

  • There is something for everyone when it comes to gaming. From a preschooler trying to learn basic math, to a grandmother pretending to take over the world–there is nothing a FUT 18 out there doesn’t simulate for you. Read on for more information about gaming.

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  • In light of the recent price reduction on the Leica SL (Typ 601), Leica USA has just issued an update for the CCD Sensor Corrosion Upgrade program. After the adjustment, upgrading to an SL from a CCD-based M […]

  • Leica has just announced its newest camera, the TL2. When Leica launched the original T (Typ 701) just over three years ago (you can read my review here), it’s machined unibody aluminum design and minimalist to […]

    • David,
      Does the silent electronic shutter work well below 1/4000?

    • James,
      Regarding battery life:
      I agree with you but…
      With the USB-C, I would just charge now through the cord to an external battery that I always carry for my phone anyway.

  • With such a large price reduction for the Leica SL (Typ 601) mirrorless pro body, many are questioning Leica’s motives. An act of desperation to move inventory? A new model around the corner? Is the SL system […]

    • Regarding the price drop in the U.S. serving the goal of providing better global price harmonization (same price in different countries): please note that the European price dropped simultaneously from €6,900 to €5,900.

  • Today, in a surprising but welcome move, Leica Camera has reduced the price of the the SL (Typ 601). The popular full-frame mirrorless camera is now $5,995, a $1,455 savings from its original price of $7,450. Th […]

    • I don’t think so. The SL was only introduced 18 months ago as a brand new system, and the lens line is still being developed. The Q is six months older and shows no signs of being replaced. Fact is, Leica’s product cycles are longer now. Four years passed between the M240 and the M10. And, in many ways, the SL is still more advanced than the just-launched M10. From an image quality perspective, performance of the SL and the M10 are extremely similar. Leica has also been diligent about rolling out regular firmware updates for the SL to continually improve the performance and user experience. Bottom line: this is not an end of life product. Rather, it is Leica’s current standard-bearer. Based on other product cycles, I wouldn’t expect to see a replacement in anything less than 18-24 months. And a lot of new SL glass will be rolling out in that timeframe, further bolstering the system.

      Mainly, I think the price adjustment is aimed at achieving global price harmonization.

    • The SL is doing well, especially for a new system. Leica just wants to accelerate this process and make it more competitive to attract those outside the Leica universe.

      To your point about the lens selection, the SL is actually able to accept many more lenses than an M camera. These are:

      • SL autofocus native lenses, which are some of the very best optics Leica is offering right now
      • TL autofocus lenses, which only cover APS-C, but are perfect for 4K video projects
      • S autofocus lenses with adapter
      • R lenses with adapter
      • M lenses with adapter
      • PL mount cine lenses with adapter
      • Nikon AF and MF lenses with adapter
      • Canon AF lenses with adapter

      So, quite a few lenses. By my rough count, more than 300 options.

      As far as being outdated in two years time, take a look at the M9. The M9 was introduced eight years ago and has an very loyal following, still producing incredible images. Digital cameras don’t get worse with age. They produce the same quality as they did they day they were manufactured. The SL is extremely quick in operation. I can’t see myself needing anything faster than 11 fps. Heck, I only use single shot. At 24 megapixels, the files are large enough to produce stunning 30×40 inch prints. It shoots in low light up to ISO 6,400 with extraordinary quality. And, the 4.4 MP EVF rivals an optical finder. So, for me, I’d say the investment in an SL is much more than a two-year deal. I shot plenty of film before reluctantly transitioning to digital just a little more than 10 years ago. And while film has a certain look and nostalgia for me, I can’t see going back. The quality and flexibility of the SL is so far beyond what I ever was able to achieve with film.

  • We just posted a short how-to video walking through the firmware update process step-by-step for the Leica M10. This four minute video should hopefully answer some of the most common questions we get related to […]

  • Today, Leica has released a firmware update for their newest digital rangefinder: the Leica M10. Firmware version is the second update since the camera’s release in mid-January 2017 and improves the M10’s […]

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