• Prague on a winter night.
  • On May 1st, prices on a bunch of Leica products are going up. For the most part, the increases aren’t major, and don’t impact all products across the board. The entire SL System is unchanged. S lenses remain the […]

    • Leica is delivering M10s, and has been since January. The issue is one of maximum production versus demand. The M10 is a hand-made product. It takes time to assemble, calibrate and test. As such, they can only make a limited amount per day. On the flip side, the demand is massive. Leica can’t just make 50,000 cameras in one go. If history is a guide, meeting the initial M10 demand will most likely take another 6-8 months.

  • Today, Sound Devices announced a new line of audio recorder/mixers, the MixPre. The MixPre is aimed squarely at videographers, YouTubers and podcasters, with features and sound quality that will still appeal to […]

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  • Today, Leica has issued an official statement regarding the focus motor issue that has plagued S-Lenses for the last year or so. After engineering a new motor assembly, the QA team had to make absolutely sure that […]

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  • Back at Photokina 2016, I had the pleasure of sitting down and discussing SL lenses with Peter Karbe, the head of optics at Leica. You can click the link to read the full interview, which has some great info, but […]

    • Amazed with your reviews, David!

    • Honestly, I just didn’t think to use ISO 50. There is not much of a real-world quality difference between ISO 50 – 400. Some theorize that ISO 50 is actually a PULL setting and that the SL has a base ISO of 100. But…. I haven’t received official confirmation of this.

    • Funny you should mention this…. I had the same thought, so repeated the test with the same setup, tripod, etc. with the 50 APO on the M10. Same result. Besides slight color differences between the SL and M10 files, the detail level was exactly the same.

    • Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff. I will need to ask the SL team at Leica about this next time we chat.

  • I wrote an article about using the Contax 645 lenses on the Leica S-E (Typ 006) as far as I know it’s the only article going in depth with lots of sample images.

    I felt it would be nice sharing it here.

    You can read it here: http://jipvankuijk.nl/stories/

    Let me know what you think either here or in the comments on my website! 😀

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  • Leica has released a new version of their Adobe Lightroom Tethered Plug-in, version The plug-in supports the following cameras and allows tethered shooting over USB directly into Lightroom:

    Leica M […]

    • No M10 🙁

      • The M10 doesn’t have a USB connection or any support for tethering. Leica’s intention with the M10 was to focus solely on the essentials and create a pure M experience. No video. No tethering.

    • Hey all, I am not sure what I’m doing wrong, but when I log into Leica’s members area I can’t seem to find any Lightroom plugin download at all . Can anyone help please ?

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  • Smelting Plant. Avilés. Spain.
  • Today, Adobe released updates for both Lightroom CC and Camera Raw. In the release notes, Adobe notes that the Leica M10 has been added to the list of supported cameras. This is a bit confusing, as […]

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    Hello Everyone, My name is Gregory, I am a professional photographer who resides in British Columbia Canada. I use a variety of cameras depending on the assignment, i do use Leica gear often film and digital M’s.
    • I took this photograph of the Olympics Mountains form the Sooke BC Pacific Basin with a Leica M8 and a 1968 50mm F2 Summicron Rigid.

  • I have one of two M9’s Alex Webb traded in for an M240(yes i have the paperwork to prove it). The camera can also be seen in use by him in the documentary series In Focus where Alex visits Korea.

    Recently received a new CCD sensor from Leica just last year. as much as I would like to keep it, i have decided to go back to film.

    it will come…[Read more]

  • The Leica M10 might be the most ‘analog’ digital M yet. And perhaps the most faithful to the M lineage. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Leica’s journey into digital photography over […]

    • Jeff, thanks for catching that! Fixed.

    • Thanks David, great review. Really nice to see the dynamic range and ability to pull out shadows when needed. Also nice to see the 10,000 iso shots come out with great color and so smooth. – David Knoble

    • Great review David,
      I’m in a bind right now maybe you can make a recommendation.
      I am all in with Leica having the M262, SL and a S006.
      I was thinking about upgrading my S006 to the S007, yet with everything I have read as of recent it seems that Leica is abandoning the S system, with the issues with the S lenses AF motor issues and now with the X1D and Fuji GFX.

      I love my SL and would love to upgrade to the M10 also. My delima is what to do with my S006, I love the S but was wondering if it’s time to trade in my S system for a M10
      I realize they are totally different systems, yet for the days I don’t want to shoot my SL and want to shoot a RF I like the idea of the M10 with it’s new sensor, better color and DR.

      • Steven,

        Leica is absolutely not abandoning the S System. Please see my interview with the head of Professional Photo, Stephan Schulz from Photokina this past fall. We talk about this very topic. The S007 is still top dog in the Leica line-up with regards to image quality (15+ stops of DR, amazing color, great glass, larger sensor, etc). The S lens motor issues have been resolved with new assemblies, which are making their way into repairs and new lenses alike. And just because they aren’t rolling out new lenses isn’t because the system is dead. Rather, the system has reached maturity.

        The SL is also a fantastic camera, one that bridges the M and S, with lens compatibility for both, along with stunning native SL glass (and more on the way this year). It offers all the latest tech, has speed to spare and offers incredible versatility.

        And yes, the M10 is without a doubt, the best M to date. So, there are some tough choices here. Add in the Q and it becomes tough to say which is best for each user. Right now, Leica seems to be firing on all cylinders. Every product line is really, really good. I suppose this isn’t a bad problem to have.

    • Hi There David
      I really enjoyed that – great writeup and pictures. I also really enjoyed your interview with Jesko and Stefan. . . and of course meeting up again at Wetzlar. Hopefully we’ll meet up again before too long.

      With all best wishes
      Jono Slack

    • incisive and comprehensive….
      great job as usual!

    • Thanks, Danny. The optical viewfinder in the M10 is the best Leica’s ever put into an M camera. You are more than welcome to use the viewfinder.

      The advantages of the EVF are more precise framing (WYSIWYG), accurate exposure preview and the ability to zoom to 100% to aid in manual focus. Additionally, the Visoflex 020 for the M10 also confers GPS functionality for geotagging your photos. The great thing about the M10 is you can use a combination of both, which is exactly what I did when testing.

    • Yep, I had the camera set to Auto WB the whole time.

      The M10’s auto white balance algorithm is excellent, even under mixed and challenging lighting.

    • I’d have to check to see if additional lenses were added. My main point for improved 6-bit coding was to say that if you had a manual code selected for a non-6-bit coded lens then changed to a modern 6-bit lens, the camera will automatically assign the correct profile even though you might have forgotten to change from Manual to Auto.

    • Sorry. The oldest 50 Cron in the manual selection menu is a version III, model 11817, introduced in 1969. Honestly, I don’t think the lens corrections would be much different between this and a version II.

    • Excellent review David, all pertinent and to the point !!! Much appreciated.

      Have been able to shoot the M-10 enough to agree with all the information written, it is one sweet camera, hope to be getting a spare once there are readily available !!! Thanks


    • Nice job as usual , glad you included lots of low light shots which most reviews never carry

    • Best review I’ve read on this camera, I have a follow up question, the saturation of the colours is amazing, did you use any filters or do any post work?

      • Thanks!

        No filters were used on the lenses. I added +14 vibrance and +5 saturation as part of my M10 preset when importing into Lightroom, so not an awful lot.

        • Perfect! That’s very much appreciated!

          As a related question, did you or do you use UV filters on the lenses or do they take away from the sharpness of the lens?


          • I don’t use UV filters on my lenses, but I do know many photographers who do. They offer protection, but I find that filters can be harder to clean than the lens itself. If you shoot with scratched or dirty filters, the image quality can degrade. If you use a good quality multi-coated B+W or Leica fitler and keep it clean, it shouldn’t impact image quality in any meaningful way. For landscape shooting, I do use polarizers, ND and GND filters, often stacked, and image quality is fine.

    • I used the 35 Cron ASPH for many years before moving to the 35 Lux FLE. Both are wonderful lenses. The Cron has a little more pop, with higher contrast and more saturated colors. The bokeh is pleasing and natural. The only shortcoming of the 35 Cron ASPH is that is prone to flare under the right conditions.

      The 35 Lux FLE is stunning. I love the way the lens handles direct light. It is incredibly sharp wide open, with lovely bokeh. The lower contrast of the lens lends itself to higher contrast lighting situations. The Lux has no drawbacks that I have found. It is my desert island lens and the one that I most often shoot with when I want to just have one camera, one lens on my shoulder.

      So while the 35 Cron is a great lens, the 35 Lux is just that much better. If you can swing it, I’d go for the Lux.

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    Brickell Buildings and Biscayne Bay. Miami. Florida. USA.
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  • Today, less than a month after release, Leica has issued a firmware update for the Leica M10.You can download the firmware here: Leica M10 Firmware

    These aren’t fixes for anything egregious. Rather, […]

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