• The New Leica S Begins Shipping in the United States

    As of today, December 17, 2012 we have received word that the new Leica S cameras have begun shipping in the United States. This is great news for a product that Leica announced in mid September at Photokina, and we are excited that we will be receiving our first shipment before 2012 is over.

    David was able to spend quality time with the new Leica S at Photokina in Germany and you can read his show reports here. Once the new camera arrives, David and I will be conducting a thorough review, especially focused on comparing the camera to its predecessor, the well-loved Leica S2. Anyone who reads Red Dot Forum knows that the S2 is a personal favorite of ours, so we are excited to get our hands on the new S and experience all of its new and improved features.

    We are happy to accept suggestions from our readers if there are any particular comparisons they would like to see versus the S2. Of course we will be testing image quality, ISO performance, focusing speed, etc. Stay tuned!