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Today, as part of their Photokina announcements, Leica Camera has announced a firmware update for the Leica T (Typ 701): version 1.2. The firmware includes new features that simplify overall handling for users and offers new creative possibilities.

The new firmware will offer the following features & improvements :

  • Dial Lock – the soft dials can be locked and unlocked by a long tap gesture on the respective dial icon.
  • Switch Live View Still & Video – the video recording live view can now be shown prior to recording by swiping horizontally over the live view display.
  • Playback in EVF – the playback mode is now available in the EVF. It shows the still images in playback mode and also flipping through the single images is possible. Zoom and playback of video is unavailable.
  • Digiscoping scene menu – the newly available Digiscoping Adapter for the Leica T allows the Leica T to be used for digiscoping.  There is a dedicated scene mode for this application.
  • Auto Review – an “Off” functionality is added to the “Auto Review” function.  (The playback time is reduced to a minimum but cannot be removed completely removed.)
  • Zoom function playback – in playback, the zoom in zoom out function is simplified. A simple double tap on the image triggers a 30% zoom in while a further double tap zooms back to full screen again.
  • Reset – the current Wi-Fi settings & user profiles can be kept even after reset.
  • Wi-Fi – the reconnection time to know Wi-fi networks has been shortened
  • Keyboard – typing handling has been improved by re-adjusting and scaling the keyboard design.
  • Soft dial indication – the indication of the adjusted soft dial is improved via new icon design.
  • Exposure compensation indication – the neutral EVO setting is now indicated also in the info bar.
  • Flash indication – with short shutter speed time, the flash cannot be released even though it is set to forced on, the “flash not possible” icon is shown while half pressing the shutter release button for indication.
  • Automatic monitor brightness – the steps within the brightness adjustment of the “Automatic Monitor Brightness’ have been minimized, making the transitions more smooth to the viewer’s eye
  • Bug fixes and general performance improvements.

This is a major update for the Leica T and includes many user-requested changes. The ability to lock the dials is very handy, as is adding an “off” setting to Auto Review. The firmware can be downloaded here: Leica T Firmware 1.2

You can find a step-by-step visual guide to updating the firmware on the Leica T (Typ 107) here: How to Update the Firmware on the Leica T



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    […] Today, Leica Camera has announced a new firmware update for the Leica T (Typ 701) at Photokina: Version 1.2. The firmware includes many user-requested changes such as the ability to lock the dials and set auto review to “off”, as well as general bug fixes and an improvement in focusing speed. You can read the full scope of the update here: Leica Announces T Firmware Update 1.2 […]


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