• #2012
    Mark Gowin

    I have always loved Clyde Butcher's photos of the Everglades and Big Cypress swamps and made it a point to visit his gallery on Tamiami trail when I visited the area in January. Ironicaly, my favorite photo from the trip was taken from the parking lot of Clyde Butcher's gallery.

  • #2013

    Very nice! I like the textures and the detail. The composition is excellent
    making the viewer “search” and “discover” the heron and then further explore
    the image trying to determine what is reflection and what is not.

  • #2014
    Al Tanabe

    Cool shot! Would really like to se this at 24×36 on the wall to take in all of the details.


  • #2015
    Mark Gowin

    Thank you for the nice comments guys. I have printed this at 13″ x 19″ (biggest I have at the moment) and I am extremely happy with it. I anxious to get it printed larger. However, I think there is some room for improvement in my processing technique before I go larger.

  • #2016
    Bob Moore


    Very nicely done…hope you did not wade into the water for the shot.

    Processing looks good to me…would love to see a desaturated color version of this.


  • #2017
    Mark Gowin

    Hi Bob,

    No I didn't wade into the water for the shot. I was literally just a few feet off the paved parking lot of Clyde Butcher's gallery.

    I hadn't considered a desaturated color version but that could be interesting so I will give it a try. I have also thought about doing a warmer B&W conversion or maybe a light sepia tone.

  • #2019
    David K

    Mark, I share your love of Clyde Butcher's work. And his printing technique is the best that I've had the opportunity to see first hand. Web images don't begin to come close to what they look like in real life.

    I like your image a lot and suspect that it looks even better when printed large. When you come back to Florida I would love to join you for another trip to the Everglades. I think Roger would like to go too. Maybe rent an air boat and get to some otherwise inaccessible places.

  • #2020
    Mark Gowin

    Hey David,

    Roger has expressed interest in doing a photo trip to the Everglades so am glad to hear you are interested as well. I didn't have much time on this last trip as I would have liked and the clouds were not very good so my keeper rate was low this time around. I can't wait to geet back down there. I was talking with the ladies at Clyde Butcher's gallery and they said September would be a good time of year to come back as Big Cypress is more colorful that time of year. I have no idea what the Everglades and Big Cypress look like except during Winter so I definitely want to make a trip in the late sprin or early fall. Maybe you and Roger can do some scouting trips and be guides for my next trip down that way.:D

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