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    A nice surprise at lunchtime today. A persistent butterfly that wouldn't scare off, and puffy clouds due to unusual weather. f2.8, 1/1600, ISO 80.

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    Excellent capture! I love my D-Lux6

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    rootbeer;5010 wrote: Excellent capture! I love my D-Lux6

    Thanks – every time I pop off the lens cap and look at that amazing f1.4 lens, I wonder if it would be possible for Leica to top that one someday.

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    Nice shot!

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    bps6162;5618 wrote: Nice shot!

    Thanks! It was a rare coincidence – that butterfly is uncommon in my area and it was buzzing around me for some reason, so I got out the camera and followed it over to the plant it perched on. Another uncommon occurrence was the puffy clouds and blue sky behind the butterfly. After taking the photo (several in a burst, just to be sure) I showed it to a few people who were watching, and some of them said “It looks fake”. That was pretty funny, since I suppose people are used to seeing this kind of scene generated in Photoshop or whatever. But this one is the real deal.

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