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    Superb rare Leica III b version camera in good condition with original casing. 550$.

    The Leica IIIB was introduced in 1938 and succeeded the Leica IIIa Model G. Compared to the previous model only minor changes were made. The dioptre correction lever is now situated under the film rewind knob. The Leica IIIb is the first Leica that offers a combined eyepiece for the viewfinder and the rangefinder. The hotshoe is screwed with four screws (instead of three). The Leica IIIb was manufactured continuously from 1938 to 1941 with a total of 32 105 cameras being manufactured. Although, when launched, the camera was initially produced for the export market, hostilities during WWII meant that part of the production was diverted for military purposes.
    Code names – LYOOX (body only) 1938 Catalog + ATOOH (body only) 1946 Catalog
    LEYOO = LYOOX = + XEMOO (Xenon f= 5 cm 1:1.5 ) – 1938 Catalog
    ARHOO = ATOOH + ELMAR (Elmar (I) f= 5 cm 1:3.5) – 1946 Catalog
    AZOOB = ATOOH + SUMAR (Summar f= 5 cm 1:2 ) – 1946 Catalog
    Production era – 1938-1946; 32,705 cameras (ed. note: 1,855 more than assigned per list below)
    Evolution – Eyepieces are closer together to aid switching from the rangefinder to the viewing window; Dioptric correction lever changed to concentric lever around rewind knob; four-screw spring-mounted accessory shoe
    Variants – Some have added flash synchronization by Leitz; 5 were made in black (per Forum discussion [1] below)
    Body – Aluminum with chrome plated brass top plate, base plate and knobs
    Size L x W x H – 133 x 39 x 65 mm / 5.24 x 1.54 x 2.60 in


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