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    Kurt Kamka

    I went to upload a few S2 images onto the LFI site this afternoon and realized that there really isn't a category to load them into.

    A few of us here on Red Dot are some of the first to be using the S2 in the field like others use an M camera for documentary, street and human environment photography. I'd like to be able to upload some of those images as I believe that they tell an important story as to what the S2 can accomplish outside of the studio.

    The S-League, which was developed specifically for the S2, seems to be only aimed at displaying published advertising campaigns to attract the interest of commercial shooters. In my opinion, this does a great disservice to the excellent photographers, professional or amateur, who are using the S2 for other styles of photography.

    I'd like to see either of the two online vehicles include a mechanism to feature more of this very interesting work.


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    I fully agree with the points you made. The Leica User Forum, for example, is practically worthless for us amateur – S2-users.

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    I agree Kurt.
    Specially the S-league -even though there are great images-they are all about the same theme (fashion) and thats why I find it pretty boaring and monotone after some time.

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    Stuart Richardson

    Agreed about the S-league…when I saw that it was only for commercial photography I lost interest. We are bombarded with these sorts of images on a daily basis trying to sell us stuff, who wants to pay to see more advertising just because it was taken with a certain camera? It's just like Victor magazine…invariably there is some waifish looking girl on the cover in extensive makeup and unusual clothing choice…and yet that is supposed to represent “Hasseblad photography”. I get that they can't go put cat photos on the cover, snapshots of the owner's wife or boring landcapes, but it is really one-dimensional. Beyond that, it's all just so aspirational! The S “league”? All those puny mortals who have not paid 30000 for a camera and lens are out of our league. I hope it is just a German translation issue, because it all sounds very shallow to me. This is not to disparage the work of the photographers who have been in it — I know that fashion is difficult and there ARE some truly amazing photos done by fashion photographers (I love Diego Uchitel, for example), but to suggest that it is the only, or even primary, subject matter for an entire camera system is a bit off the mark.

    In summary, bah humbug.

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