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    David Farkas

    This one should be interesting…. 😀

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    Jack MacD

    The systems are pretty similar at this point in time. Not enough edge in one versus the other to promote switching either way.
    However, if you don’t have your own IT person to aid you, or you are not fully qualified to be your own IT person, the support system at Apple stores for individual Mac users is pretty compelling. If you are your own IT person and can build your own computer, the homebuilt PC can give incredible bang for the buck.
    Otherwise the new top iMacs are the fastest Macs even over the Mac Pro and pretty cost effective. The thunderbolt connectivity is a plus for Mac momentarily for fast external storage of huge files. But those perferals are not quite. available yet.

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    I also love Mac because it’s in sync with my iPhone and iPad. They are work together nicely and are completely compatible. So if you have — or planning to get — iPhone or Pad then it’s another reason to get Mac.

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