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    Josh Lehrer

    A new article where we talk a bit about using the S2 as my every day point-and-shoot camera:

    My Everyday Camera – The Leica S2


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    Thanks Josh!

    What a great treat for me to look at your sunny pictures, bright colors and very cool cars while huddled indoors here in dull, cold Motown Michigan … where all I do now is fiddle around with studio lighting techniques and … of course … the S2.

    Next year I will trek out to our big car shows here with the S2 … notably, the Woodward Dream cruise where a 10 mile stretch of our main drag is lined with exotics, vintage vehicles and hotrods cruising up and down for days on end. Very festive event.

    The bi-product of really getting used to the S2 and all it can do is that my poor Sony A900 system now just sits in its bag unused.


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    It must be exhilarating to see all those exotic cars in person!

    How far were you typically from the car that you appear to have
    achieved considerable DOF with a f/5.6 and 35 mm lens. I do not
    seem to achieve such. Also, my S2 does not seem to nail the autofocus
    as you imply yours does. I always have to tweek the focus slightly,
    especially as the distance approaches “infinity”. Did you adjust or fine
    tune the autofocus?


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    Mark Gowin

    Josh, your photos of the Palm Beach Cavallino are torture for me. I am glad you made up to the show, but I hate I missed it this year. It is a humbling experience for us mere mortals (financially challenged).

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    Josh Lehrer

    I was relatively close to most of the cars, no more than 6-8 feet away. I have had very good results using the S2's auto focus. A trick I often use (in combination with rear-button focusing) is to de-focus the lens slightly using the focus ring then allow the camera to refocus. My in-focus rate for the type of photography I talk about in this post is extremely high, usually 100% or near it.

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    Josh – I like youe article and the images.
    Also I dont feel so bad anymore using the S2 as my family and vacation P&S.
    Istnt it great how simple this camera works?
    Regards, Tom

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