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    anyone had this problem.. both my S2s with grips show this…

    Hi All,
    after being aware that it was more difficult to see the top cover in daylight
    I noticed that with the grip attached the top cover OLED is now defaulting to ‘medium’ even after setting this to ‘high’ which is most annoying in bright daylight.
    the only way for me is to set it to ‘high’ when first switching on and just letting the S2 go to standby….if I switch it off then it defaults to ‘medium’ brightness again even though it still shows ‘high' in menu
    I am on latest 1020 firmware and have reinstalled it twice now with no resolution..

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    just had this reply from Germany 🙂

    Dear Mr Cole,

    Thank you very much for your message.

    Please be informed that our technical department was able to reproduce the issue as you described.

    It seems that this it is really an unreported bug. We thank you very much for your reporting.

    Leica's dedicated technical team will identify the issue's root cause and will fix this in one of the next firmware updates. end

    !! not many of you use the Grip then ???

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing… and congratulations for the bug detection! I don't have a grip. What sold you on them?

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    Hi Doug

    I was given a demonstration one to try out first and although a bit too expensive I was somewhat impressed with the handling and decided to purchase one.
    I do have very large Hands and find it quite comfortable in use… also with the added Grip Strap attached it is also safer for me to pickup and put down… the vertical format is easy in use and the extra Battery life gives all day shooting without worry.
    I don't think it would suit many especially as the cost is very high but having tried it first I was reluctant to give it back..
    Regarding the ‘Bug'
    I first blamed the OLED failure again as this was a past problem but by chance used it without the Grip and realised the problem…
    Waiting to see what upgrades will be announced soon.

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