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    This was completely spontaneous, but it makes me think that street shooting might be a worthwhile pursuit.

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    Very nice, but much bigger than my monitor… 🙂

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    mguffin;4983 wrote: Very nice, but much bigger than my monitor… 🙂

    That’s the big problem with a lot of forums – the original source (my primitive website) auto-fits the image to whatever screen you have, but most forums prefer the files to be stored on the forum, then they don’t auto-resize.

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    Correction to prior post: I don’t think the formatting is the fault of the display software here, since the file apparently isn’t stored here. But although it’s an extra step and not ideally convenient, you can right-click the image and save it to your computer, then double-click the saved file on your computer and your computer will fit it to the screen.

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