• Maharshi Aditya posted an update 1 month ago

    Hello everyone,
    I recently joined RDF. Glad to join this community. I purchased Leica Q2 couple of weeks ago. My nature of photography is to shoot street and landscapes and anything abstract. I really love this camera also the 2nd to own a leica in my family, my grandfather had M3 in 1950’s. I always wanted to own a leica and glad I got one. Though this is my initial step into Leica world. I’d love to explore more and possibly buy M series soon. The quality of the images come from this camera is remarkable. Q2 is also remarkably good camera for the compactness and having a full frame sensor is really good. Love its lens quality.

    I also got the nisi m75 kit for this camera. Please let me know what else should I get for my Q2. Only limitations I see is the shutter speed being limited to ISO sensitivity. But for regular and normal long exposures till 2mins i feel this is lot worth.

    Will be sharing my leica adventures. 🙂

    Thank you