• I'll have to go along with Jack MacD on this one for the 50/2.8 collapsible Elmar-M (modern version). I've been a big fan of the collapsible lenses with my LTM and M bodies as they truly make the camera literally pocketable, or at least fit with lenses in the small Lowepro case I use on occasion. I usually have the Elmar-M mounted on my M6 or…[Read more]

  • Happy New Year everyone! I'm also new to this forum, my first post here. I shoot a fair amount of film, and it's about 90% of all I do (my wife is the true digital SLR shooter, I just follow in her steps a little). I have a lot of gear, being Leica, Pentax and Yashica. I also have a small darkroom!

    My small Leica collection consists of a…[Read more]