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    Thanks David,


    David Farkas;1811 wrote: Dan,

    All ASPH lenses are marked as such on the front of the lens.

  • David,

    This forum is a fantastic resource and has proved very helpful in navigating the world of Lica lenses. I was a bit confused by the various versions of the Elmarit-M, but you’ve cleared that up, so thanks.

    I lost two auctions in a row, where a mint versions of the lens sold in excess of $2,200. Deals clearly are few and far…[Read more]

  • Thanks Roger,
    This is very helpful. The world of Lica can be a bit intimidating and, at times, confounding. I feel better equipped to bid on the lens now.


    Roger;1775 wrote: Dan

    First the 90/2.8 EM is an excellent lens that I use frequently. The M version of the lens (latest ) has the pull out shade and uses a…

    [Read more]

  • This has been extremely informative. Thank you all.

    Like Josh, I’m a new Lica user, having recently purchased an M9. I’ve been looking for a good price on a Elmarit f2.8 90mm, and I’ve been scratching my head, trying to reconcile what I’ve read on posts about fair prices being under $800 for a mint condition lens, with the sky high prices…[Read more]