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    David Farkas

    Nice stuff, Jack.

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    David Farkas

    Glad you are enjoying the new SL!

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    David Farkas

    Nice shot. I really like the second one.

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    David Farkas

    I would have loved to see HDMI v1.4 to carry 4K as well, but it was not possible when the MAESTRO II chip was designed for the camera.

    Regarding the audio input: the use of an external recorder is usually the preferred method with timecode syncing between the camera, the audio recorder and the timecode generator. The Audio adapter has an input for timecode.

    I also had a similar thought initially about the option for a shoe mount Visoflex, but thought differently when seeing the rig. The rear LCD and the live video out to either a capture device or an external screen/viewfinder seems the better choice.

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    David Farkas


    The new Summarits should start shipping in the next few weeks. The 75 and 90 will come first, followed by the 35 and 50.

    Optically, they should offer the same performance as the first-generation Summarits, which is to say they will be excellent. They feature the same basic optical design, but have slightly faster maximum apertures and closer minimum focus distances due to changes in the mechanics of the focus mechanism.

    They look and feel great. I really like the new housings.

    If you are interested in getting the Summarits as soon as they start shipping, give Leica Store Miami a call, or pre-order online.


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    David Farkas

    I just posted an extremely in-depth write-up on the S (Typ 007). Give it a look:

    Photokina 2014: Day 2 – Everything you need to know about the Leica S (Typ 007)

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    David Farkas

    Doug, if you click on the time/date in the Last Post column, you will be taken directly to the latest reply.

    As far as old attachments that were migrated over, yes, some the sizing got a little strange. But, moving forward all smaller res preview images will all be the same size.

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    David Farkas


    Have no fear. According to both Jesko and Peter Karbe, the 28 Lux is coming. They just need to build tooling. I'd expect to see this lens in the coming months.

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    David Farkas


    Yes, above all else, we needed to make sure that no data would be lost in the transition, so every post, every picture, etc. has been preserved and moved over.

    As far as the design goes, we are certainly open to tweaking here and there, but we felt that the look and feel was much more modern than our previous site.

    Be sure to check out other areas of the site as well, like the Activity Feed, where you can create your own galleries, comment on images and have more fluid community conversations. The forum is still a great place to get answers and share information and all forum activity also shows in the Activity Feed.

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    David Farkas

    Al, the S007 is already priced considerably less than the S006 was, for a lot more features and performance.

    While I am solidly in the photos-only camp with you, I think that it does open the use of the camera to those that need high quality video some of the time, to augment still work.

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    David Farkas

    You are correct. In order to create a more modern and feature-rich site overall, we had to move away from our previous vBulletin software. As such, the forum functionality is a little more limited, but we have many more community-based features like the activity feed, member profiles with interest tags, friendships and user galleries. In the end, we felt the trade-offs were worth it to take advantage of current web standards and features.

    On the password front, because the new software uses a different encryption schema, users have to reset their passwords and update them in the new system. For most users, the reset procedure went quickly and smoothly. For some, the email from the system was marked as junk or SPAM by their email servers/software. This is always a challenge and something that we have no control over. For those having issues, I'm happy to reset passwords manually.

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys!

    If you haven't already done so, please help us out by taking our quick survey here.

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    David Farkas


    One big difference in the video specs between the S 007 and the NX1 is the color sampling. The S 007 uses 4:2:2 while the NX1 uses 4:2:0. Having seen comparisons, the color accuracy and quality of 4:2:2 is vastly superior.

    Granted, there are other cameras offering Cinema 4K capture with 4:2:2, but none using medium format sensors and none that are able to use Leica S lenses.

    The biggest benefit I see is that a photographer on a mixed media shoot can get the exceptionally high quality still imagery of the Leica S and capture matching video with the same setup. Everything matches and there is only one camera system to worry about. This has obvious uses in fashion, advertising and catalog work, but also can open up a lot of opportunities for landscape and wildlife photographers. As Jack mentions, you'd be able to capture stock video clips while on location. Or for high-speed capture needs, shoot in 4K then do a screen grab at 8MP. Good enough for on-screen or even small print reproduction.

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    David Farkas


    My impression is that the video quality from the S 007 will be superior and more purpose-driven than that of the M 240. Still, the M40 video does actually look pretty good. We filmed our entire video instruction series on the S 006 with the M 240. You can view the series here.

    You are correct that there is no image stabilization for video. RED, Arri and Sony 4K cameras don't have IS either, so perhaps this isn't a requirement for professional video applications. There are many rigs purpose built for video that offer stabilization and camera movement.

    Storage can be easily accommodated on ever-increasingly spacious memory cards. I'm sure a 128 GB CF card will store a good amount of 4K video. The video isn't downsized, but is lightly compressed using 4:4:2 color sampling.

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    David Farkas


    Glad to hear that the lens is back to 100%, and back in your hands.

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    David Farkas


    You're not exactly a New Member…. all of your previous posts and uploaded images are still here. And your post count remains. The site rating is based on a new points system which counts all involvement, not just forum posts. Pretty easy to accumulate points. Just visit the site, read some articles, post some comments, upload images or comment on other's images.

    As to the forum, we are currently tweaking the final look and feel. And I do mean currently! Our programmer is actively working on this right now. I encourage you to play around more.

    And as to working on an iPhone, it should be a piece of cake. The site is totally responsive, meaning it scales dynamically based on window size. While it will look best on a big screen, the site looks great on tablets and pretty good on phones.

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