• Hi David,

    Thanks for your detailed reply.

    David Farkas;1783 wrote:
    The reason for limiting the exposure time is Leica's approach to quality standards. They are hesitant to allow users the option of something that would produce less-than-optimal results.

    AAAAAAGGGHH!!! What is it with these “nanny-state” manufacturer attitudes…[Read more]

  • Hello Doug,

    Very nice work – thanks for posting. Good to see that some of the P67 lenses are great performers on MFD systems like the S2.

    Doug;274 wrote:
    I mostly recuperated from a pulled leg muscle and bruised ribs suffered in Las Vegas the week before

    – sounds like your own personal version of “The Hangover”! 😀


  • Hi,

    New RDF member here. This immediately caught me eye, as I am both a professional (academic) astronomer and amateur astro-photographer!

    Yes, Stuart's absolutely right in his certainty: they are definitely stars. (Actually, they are quite out of focus stars…you weren't focused at infinity…perhaps you were using the hyperfocal…[Read more]