• David Farkas;3387 wrote: Sadly, no one knew when Leica would provide a solution to use R lenses or what that solution would ultimately look like. You can always buy some R lenses back…. 😉


    What frustrates me was I offered it after searching for options, and within months of all my inquiries and selling the R lenses, they…[Read more]

  • Well 4 months after i asked this questioned, got your replies, and now have sold the 3 R lenses, Leica comes out with the R to M adapter. :(:(:( Nothing lost, i got better and equivalent focal length glass for the M. I could have just kept them for the Canon bodies. 🙁

  • Brian;2747 wrote: The Olympus Electronic Viewfinder EVF-2 is still considered the best all-around for dynamic range. I bought an EP-2 for this reason.

    The NEX line offers 1.5x instead of a 2x crop. 2x crop: everything is a telephoto. The 1.5x- at least close to a Leica M8. If I were buying today: I would either go with an Olympus EP2 again,…

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  • It seems that most have the same opinion about the limitations of these solution. i guess the R’s go back to the selling block. I just wanted to see the options of keeping the R’s. Then again you may be right to check the 4/3 and mirrorless bodies. Thank you!!

  • @Brian, thank you for that clarification. Still learning the ropes, and understanding DFR.

    @Kurt, I use a 35mm Lux with an E46 filter size, and a 90mm Cron, with an E55 filter size. That would be great if you would still have them. We can meet up, and that would be an opportunity to get to know an S2 owner (the first I will ever meet) in…[Read more]

  • Very vivid examples, thank you. Being new to DRF, and learning the quirks of the M8.2, it sure does help with a side by side comparison. Now i need to find those filters for me.

    I believe the M8/8.2’s magenta hue is a given. What was ” The M9 shows more IR leakage than the M8 used with the IR cut filter over the lens” statement about? New…[Read more]

  • Can you please post a photo of the new hood? Thank you.

  • David,

    I am from Manila Philippines. And we do not have any Leica product representation. Most enthusiasts go to Hongkong or Singapore.

    Can you help?


  • David,

    Thank you for your reply. The operative phrase, ” This can manifest itself as a magenta cast on dark synthetic materials, especially in artificial light. ” -only dark synthetic materials only? And artificial lighting sources like incandescent and fluorescent, which I hope can be corrected with UV/IR or with photoshop, right?

    The…[Read more]