• One of the constant themes in web discussions is that no-one can really get a sense of what images from cameras like the S-System actually look like. Web images are way too low-res.

    If anyone wants to see a little more of Leica’s image quality beyond that available on websites, I have a new (free) iPad app just released called Photique which…[Read more]

  • The firmware upgrade has improved the focus of the 30mm to the point where it is very accurate in most, but not all, circumstances.

    The inclusive nature of the lens means that the AF point covers a relatively large area of a subject and seems to have difficulty deciding which bit to focus on. This is particularly apparent when photographing…[Read more]

  • Nick Rains replied to the topic S2 and Nikon D800E in the forum S2 8 years ago

    Judging by the few D800 samples on the net, the sensor is quite lens-limited. There might be 36megapixies or so but, from what I see so far, the lenses are not able to resolve to it’s full potential.

    And, as someone else pointed out, different animals…

  • Nick Rains replied to the topic 30mm Sample Image in the forum S Lenses 8 years ago

    Mark Gowin;1889 wrote: Hi Nick,
    I look forward to seeing more photos from you with this lens.

    Well, I should have some new stuff from China and Vietnam in a few weeks…

  • fotografz;371 wrote: Not interested in a 35-90 zoom …. it’ll be too big and for sure it won’t be fast. I have the HC 35-90 for my H4D/60, and it is a monster.

    From what I have been told by the Leica guys, the zoom will be actually much smaller than expected as there will be no CS version. I suspect it will be an f3.5 design but…[Read more]

  • Jack MacD;582 wrote:
    BTW your choice of lenses 35 and 120 is all I have.

    I have all four but seem to use the 35 and 120 all the time. You have made a good choice. Roll on the 30mm I say!

  • I have the new split prism screen in my S2 and love it. Not sure when it’s going to be available but it should be real soon now…three weeks ago I was told it would be announced ‘in a few weeks’!


  • Josh

    David Farkas suggested I look at this forum after I posted an article on Luminous Landscape about the S2 as a travel camera. I have a question…

    The tone curve in your presets tends to kill the shadow detail in my high ISO images – what is there a reason for this change? I can see no benefit. My ISO640 images look better without…[Read more]