• Nunnzzzz posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    More Issues with S Lenses
    Well, I just sent my S 180mm lens into Germany last week to fix the same focusing issue that everyone is having. This is my second lens that has had the issue. I woke up this morning to do some shooting and found my S 70mm lens has the SAME ISSUE so needs to be sent in for repair now. This is really crazy and would like to know if everyone is equally frustrated. This system is the most unreliable camera system I have ever experienced and the even more frustration is that Leica refuses to communicate to its loyal customers. In talking with Leica in Germany a few weeks ago I was told a “fix” was in the works. If this is this case then why not communicate it.

    • So I am scheduled to have a call with Leica Germany first thing in the morning to discuss the “permanent fix” on my S lenses