• Nunnzzzz posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    The Leica S problems continue….so after my 70mm lens didn't work i put on the 30-90 zoom and went out to shoot. When I took my first photo i got this. Removed battery and tried everything else and again this is all I got. I assumed my new S007 had now failed but when I got home I put on the 120mm lens and found that all was fine so it seems not only is my 180mm lens into Germany or repair but tomorrow I will be sending in both the 70mm lens and the 30-90mm zooms. Crazy
    • so to circle the wagon on the 30-90 zoom. It seems the crazy “color” images I was getting with the 30-90 zoom is a firmware problem with the the 4.0. Thankfully John Kreidler with Leica walked me thru 3-4 software upgrades to finally get the 4.0 to work. It seems they are having issues with this lens when you update the software