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    peterv;6169 wrote: You're right David, there probably should be some kind of message/warning that the focus limiter is on.

    How about on the rear LCD in the camera quadrant something like this:

    FL (Focus Limit) 3M

    Rob, how does the Hassy do this?

    Peter,it's set up in the settings which is located on the top LCD.. its very fast to do this on a blad, when shooting there is nothing to indicate which setting its on and when you reboot it will still on on whatever scan you left it on.. But I think thats not an issue,if its on infinity and you need near it's easy to and fast to change..

    I think if you could add an icon to the viewfinder display when this is activated it would be the best solution for the S…


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    fotografz;6161 wrote: 45CS delivered today. Jeeze, this stuff is just so beautifully made. Never ceases to amaze me.

    Can't wait to press it into service.

    – Marc

    I doubt you'll be disappointed.. 😉 I have this's superb!!

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    Marc,I think the S is an excellent camera,a polished version of the S2,and given that your a fan of CCD rendering I doubt you would be disappointed with an S,I think the AF is better too,I can AF wide open at 3 meters for portraits and its on the money almost every time.

    I think we will see wifi in the next S with an iOS app to control the camera,apart from that just more resolution and live view.

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    David Farkas;6003 wrote: Rather than going with the same Sony 44×33 CMOS sensor, perhaps Leica will work with CMOSIS to develop their own in-house solution, as they did for the M240.

    There hasn't been too much discussion around it, but the CMOSIS/Leica chip in the M is actually the most advanced CMOS sensor design to date. The pixel well depth is significantly thinner than anything from Sony or Canon, and has a newer conical microlens shape that is better suited to “catching” high angle of incidence light rays. This variance in design is clearly evident from the performance difference between the M240 and the Sony A7r when using the same wide angle M lenses.

    David,I think that CMOSIS will be the best bet,Leica will have more control than they would with a sony sensor and can make the sensor work perfectly with the S glass.. and synastry is important when looking at a complete system..


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    This is pretty useful for pano work…

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    The colors look a bit strange in that last shot because it is in profotoRGB.. it would look better on a good monitor and color space aware browser like safari.

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    S45mm early this morning…at f8,32sec and iso100…

    Attached files

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    A quick shot from the S45mm at f5.6… nothing to get excited about but gives some indication of the performance…

    When I get a chance I'll get dome decent shots…

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    Paratom;6000 wrote: I am also interested. what surprizes me is that the wider lens (35) is lighter, hass less elements and a closer focusing distance. Normally I would expect it the othr way around.
    I have the 35 but thinking to replace it with the 45, because I find 70 indoors to long sometimes and 35 slightly too wide.
    But then for outdoors 35-70 works pretty well as a 2 lens set.

    Any more imprssions from the 45 ? (I wish it was a bit smaller)

    I will post a few shots from the 45mm in a few days,I can compare it to the 35mm and 30mm,what I can say is that its superb,I just shot into a bright back lit scene (midday sun)and it handled the contrast exceptionally well..


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    As long as the I.Q is up to scratch it won't matter too much where they source it but CMOSIS seems like the logical step given that they are already involved,I think another benefit could be that it helps Leica avoid a homogeneous look that could if three MF manufacturers use the same chip.

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    Doug;5997 wrote: Pentax uses a 44×33 CCD from Kodak which has a 55 mm image circle. Our 30 x 45 CCD has a 54.1 mm circle. Not much difference.


    Photokina is going to be interesting.. 😉

    Although I would be more excited by a summicron portrait lens..

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    Jack MacD;5993 wrote: Marc,
    Two points:
    The Sony sensor is so close to the size of the S I assume they asked Leica if they would buy some. I suspect that the sensor is actually 45mm not 44. ( Worse case Leica does a 2% crop ) So then the issue is frame ratio. Leica stays 3×2 and the others closer to 4×5. The fact that the competition has gone with a crop factor to a sensor size right on where the Leica S is shows that Leica was correct in selecting a sensor 50% larger than full frame. Going forward, Leica lenses are set for this size and the competition has lenses bigger than needed. Going forward, in a sense, Leica chose the right size sensor, and if all medium format cameras use the same sensor, we are back to the days of all Medium Format cameras use the same “film”. If this sensor is used by all makers, that gives huge economy of scale in a tiny market. Good for all of us. Then you choose a camera's form and handling, as well as lenses. Leica wins.

    The second point is do you and I need this? You are shooting strobes so higher ISO may not be necessary. A 14 stop dynamic range catches my attention. Do I need live view? For focus stacking it would be handy. I don't need such an upgrade, but need is different than want. Leica does need this sensor. If the completion has it, they will need to match it. A next Leica S is not necessary for existing owners, it's a requirement to attract new users to the system. However I would expect the old sensor to be sold too. Hey, one can still buy the S2 now.

    I traditionally skip to every other model improvements. I expect I will go for this depending on price. In the meantime, I buy desired lenses. I sure hope the price isn't as much as the Phase price!


    Hi Jack

    I wonder if the S image circle allows for 44×33 without cropping,I agree its likely that Sony offered them to Leica.

    I think Leica made the right decision regarding sensor size for the S system,a system that offers fast lenses that perform wide open,A 645 sensor at these apertures would have D.O.F that would be almost unuseable,but 645 FF will endure for the real eatate and 4×3 format which many MF users prefer.

    Some people don't consider the S to be a true medium format camera because of its 45x30mm sensor,but that's subjective.

    This new exmor may be just the beginning of Sony's desire to dominate the sensor market,a 645 could be on the horizon for hasselblad and phase.

    “Do I need live view?” It would be nice and would add appeal to the system.

    “Leica does need this sensor. If the completion has it, they will need to match it” Absolutely,offer it along with CCD option.

    “I traditionally skip to every other model improvements.” Can't argue with that,I'd rather be buying a 90-250 Zoom than another mega expensive body..



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    fotografz;5992 wrote: 50 meg 1.3X crop frame MFD is now a reality. H and P1 have announced it. Others are sure to follow.

    Personally, I'm firmly in the CCD camp, and really not all that interested in going beyond 40 meg.

    It would be great if Leica were to produce a higher meg S camera for those that actually need it, while maintaining a more “usable” S camera like the S2/S.

    IMO, a CMOS S camera wouldn't necessarily suffer from the same color issues that the M240 has exhibited because it wouldn't have to deal with wide angle lenses so close to the sensor.

    However, I've yet to see a CMOS camera from anyone that exhibits a distinctive look and feel in the initial files … like the S2/S and M9 do. While it can be argued that this leaves it up to artistic interpretation, it then requires a degree from MIT and knowledge of color therory beyond the scope of most photographers. Simplicity does have its merits when working in post in the same valued manner it does with camera operations.

    What I am far more interested in over yet another expensive S camera body, is more refinements of the one I've already invested in.

    It'd be far more valuable IF Leica were to issue firmware that improved the higher ISO capabilities of the S2/S cameras. In past, Hasselblad did exactly that. They issued firmware that increased the sensitivity of existing H cameras a full stop. So the H3D/31 went from a top ISO of 800 to 1600 … which made 800 like 400 and 400 like 200 in IQ.

    These are VERY expensive cameras, and the growing crop of far less expensive high res smaller formats are breathing down the MFD category's back. While it is a bit easier to jettison a $2,500/$3,500 camera for the next generation, it is a monumental financial task to do so with cameras costing 10X as much. IMO, demonstrating on-going value with your existing MFD camera should be an integral part of the ownership equation. It keeps owners in your camp and less likely to bail for alternative choices.

    – Marc

    Good points about the flange distance Marc,I have never had these issues with wides myself but I have read about a lot of these problems with ray angles,Surprising that the M240 has this..I thought these issues were only with M glass used with other systems with adaptors,A7R for example.

    Having seen some of the images from the IQ250 I would also prefer the look from the CCD and hope Leica stay with CCD(or continue to offer both,the exmor shadow detail and D.R is useful)),regarding resolution the only reason I would like more (60mp) is that the lenses are so sharp they out resolve the current sensor with ease,(Peter Karbe said they can resolve 2um)

    I totally agree about the price of the body,it is substantial and not an amount that one would want to spend every two years,I would rather spend it on glass,firmware can improve iso response but technology changes and we cant do anything but accept that,still as you say,a commitment from Leica to continually improve existing bodies helps.


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    The medium format world has been given an injection of vitality in the last few days with the announcement from Hasselblad (and allegedly phase one too) that CMOS camera's are about to be released..

    Lets see how Leica responds to this..

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    Rolophoto;5954 wrote: Yes, excellent images. Thanks.

    I have the 35 & 70mm Summarit-S lenses and 5 Hasselblad V lenses. Few of these get used regularly as the 70mm is my go to lens, so the much lower investment in Hasselblad lenses is helpful whilst maintaining a fabulous level of quality. I would like to complete my set with a 24mm too, as it's way beyond the limits of the V system and may release my SWC to help fund it.

    Very nice images.. the shot of the Ponte Vecchio is my favourite .. I am a fan of the 30mm,its very good,I also have the S24mm,its an amazing ultra wide lens,colour,contrast and resolution are second to won't be disappointed.. 🙂

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