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    My order is in also with Leica Store Miami. I like the white, can't wait. Will make a great boat/party/take anywhere camera. Love the Wifi feature and EVF!

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    It is not so easy to take pictures while going backwards on a carousel at full speed.

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    I have shot a few thousand photographs on the M240. It has exceeded my expectations. It surpasses the M9 in many areas. It is a real joy to use and feel fortunate to have mine.

    Let me do my best to try and address all of your concerns.

    Buffer size is fantastic. I rarely hit the buffer on the new M and when I did it cleared extremely fast. The M9 would always hit the buffer and when working with a subject would completely break up the momentum of shooting.

    Battery life, for me its amazing because I rarely use live view and don't like the evf. Its a larger battery then the M8/9. Even when using live view it still give you a lot of life.

    The screen! Whenever I showed people pictures off the screen of my M9 I always would say, “I promise the pictures look a lot better then on here,” it was an embarrassment! The new M240 screen is brilliant in every way.

    Your concern with the sensor is understandable, however it's a non issue. Its a Leica designed sensor not some assembly cmos lets throw it in this camera; slr wars kind of thing. The sensor on the M9 was downright noisy. IS0 1250 on the M9 has more noise then ISO 3200 on the new M.
    The magic isn't in a CCD sensor or non uniform noise patterns. Its about a custom designed from the ground up sensor with the Leica GLASS!

    I got a few prints from the M and you would not be able to tell the difference in M9 or M. The prints I have from IS0 3200 blew my mind!

    In my opinion you cant leave the house with just a M, but whenever you have your S you better bring your M along……

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    Thank you, I'm looking for more interesting performers to continue my series. So far no one has responded to my ad for a model that can juggle chainsaws. I'll keep looking.


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    M240 w/ .95 Noct

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    Haha I may have to do that. Now I need to update my 35 to CS. There's no turning back now.

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    Here's another example of 1/1000
    ISO 160

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    Yes!!! After having it I could NOT go back. The ability to control ambient light! To expose the background properly while shooting a shallow depth of field. YES YES YES! Worth the price of admission. There is magic in the files of the S but using the CS lenses outdoors/flash photography, my gosh it's a whole new world and I like it.

    Its like driving now I'm driving 400 HP as my daily driver and your asking me If I want to drive 300hp. NO CAN DO! =)

    In photography the addiction is speed just like cars. Faster lenses, faster sync speeds. I want more, more, and more!

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    I have been shooting the M240 for a while now. I have to say at first I got caught up using live view and some evf. Now, I am enjoying the camera way more with just the rangefinder. Live view is significantly slower for me.

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    Leica S2
    70mm @ 2.5 CS

    Another example of using the Central Shutter. There is so much for freedom to control exposure.

    I am using Profoto Air Trascievers. They work perfectly 100% of the time at 1/1000 even with multiple lights. I have tested up to 3 lights.

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    David K;4794 wrote: Nicely done Scott. You using lights with that kit?

    Yes. We use lighting. I have specific lighting techniques I utilize for M photography. Which are completely different from my S work.

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    Great subject, location, wardrobe, accessories. Very Nice.

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    On M lenses we manually control the focus and aperture. There is no digital type of communication between the lens and the body. The lenses with 6bit coding simply means the body reads the codes off of the bayonet ring. That could throw you off into thinking there is data being transmitted back in forth but theres not.
    On the M9 the aperture values we see are an approximation, not actual. Sometimes they are close, sometimes not. By looking at your photo and shutter speed you could probably guess more accurately!

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