• William McLenahan;5886 wrote: Bobby,

    I agree with you about the MF Handgrip M's straight back cable and USB port location. May I suggest TetherTools TetherPro Mini B USB Right Angle Cable Adapter (Item #: CU5462RT). This angled adapter is designed to extend to the left side of the MF Handgrip M. I have also seen USB Micro-B Male Right Angle…

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  • Gravastar;5745 wrote: See the thread here. Very annoying and frustrating! Best to read though all the posts from the beginning to extract snippets of useful information.


    I did receive a replacement multifunction Grip from Josh at Miami Leica. The replacement grip works perfectly, and I have used the tethering function for a number…[Read more]

  • Hi:

    I purchased the almost-new 21 Biogon shown earlier in this thread from David a few month back. Although I've never shot with any Leica super wides, I can say the Biogon is the sharpest, lowest distortion wide lens I've ever used. A great piece of glass at a very great price!

  • My opinion; I'd hold off on a pre-owned M6 and put the funds towards the eventual M10. I'm enough of a purist to get into the M rangefinder system, but strongly feel that
    going back to film will provide no technical, aesthetic, or professionally competitive edge. Especially to my last point, I strongly feel if you still shoot film, you will be…[Read more]

  • Hello.

    After my initial griping about the painful slowness of LR4, I received a beneficial link. http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/optimize-performance-lightroom.html

    The two most important points I implemented are:
    -Leave autowrite XMP turned off. I save the XMP data just before I do the final archive of the project. I don't know…[Read more]

  • That brings back memories. I was an Ilford guy processing in Rodinol 1:75. Acutance you could cut with a knife. The smell of the acetic acid stop bath eventually destroyed most of my ability to smell certain scents. It was great fun and I don't miss it a bit!

  • Talk about a niche product offering! Maybe the television manufacturers will take a hint from Leica 🙂 No offense intended towards Leica; just took delivery of my first M9, the 35 1.4 and the 75 2.5.

    The system is everything I expected, and I am making money using it, which was my intent. I had agonized over the thought of waiting until 5-10…[Read more]

  • Hello.

    I've found the updated LR4 develop module to be a fantastic upgrade from LR3, and I use it if I have a small number of image files to process. I'm thrilled with the updated capabilities.

    IF I have a large commercial job to run (200 to 1000+ files) that requires minimal adjustments where I can ignore the develop module, I revert…[Read more]