• Thank you Richard for the feedback. How is the distortion correction at major focal lengths? Not asking for perfection, but wondering if they can be corrected easily (i.e. no mustache shaped distortion) in post.


  • I saw this post in another thread. It makes sense to me.

    The benefit of a shift lens is you get 2 focal lengths out of 1 lens when you consider shift and stitch to get a wider view. The 1.5x factor destroys that added benefit. I suppose you have to limit the imaging circle…[Read more]

  • Hi Andyc,
    I am still not giving up on the Leica S and the zoom lens idea yet. I am willing to take the time to custom “warp” extreme cases even after lens correction settings. Do you mind shooting a brick wall for a quick reference at the major focal length stops? It can be handheld, doesn't have to be super sharp, even if not perfectly square…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys for your feedback. Life is filled with tough choices – convenience vs. perfection. Yes Hassy H on TS for the S is a good option indeed. The 1.5x factor is a little annoying and they are not S lenses though. Do you think at the smaller aperture the lens quality gap is less between H and S?

  • Thanks and I did compare them already. The 30mm seems to be slightly better as a prime. It is S shaped and I was just wondering if it can be corrected easily. The only way is to see a real lens shooting grids at this point for an easy answer. I did contact Leica and seemed to get no answer.

    Through experience my Nikon 17-35 f2.8 was so…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much for your insight. Yes I am more curious about getting the most out of it than saving bad exposures. I am used to bracketing and merging files with my current small format and have seen some samples of an IQ260 with 13 stops dynamic range. The photographer showed me 100% view of an interior mall storefronts where light and shadows…[Read more]

  • How is the dynamic range? I am intrigued by the large dynamic range in MF but also a little scared to commit to a body and sensor that cannot be upgraded. Do you forsee benefit of more dynamic range? Have you done a 3 stop over and under test to see if you can get the detail back? Would appreciate your thoughts.


    Josh Lehrer;4274…

    [Read more]

  • Hi there, I am considering Leica S strongly due to the existence of this lens. I shoot interior so distortion is very important to me as well. Is there any chance you can shoot a grid at the major focal lengths you listed below and post samples or see if you can get it to true rectlinear by the lens correction adjustment slider in ACR / Lightroom?…[Read more]