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    I have been wondering the same. There is a little discussion about the new firmware here:
    – vintola –

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    As I had in my S also the SD card, the photos were there as JPG's. Not good.

    There was also one curiosity. While photographing there came suddenly an announcement in the back LCD that there is no CF card inside and that parallel is changed to sequential. This has happened every time also in my earlier CF cards.

    So my old SD card, which I bought several years ago for my earlier M9, worked storing JPG's.

    – vintola –

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    Marc. I have the same problem. I bought the S last october and since then every Sandisc Extreme Pro 64 Gb CF has been ok for only about 500 photos (and about 4-5 loadings to my computer). After that the catastrophe exactly as You wrote.

    My vendor changes the card free, but I of course lose all the photos in the card.

    I have now my sixth card and every time I go to photograph I am afraid what happens and could I get the photos out from the card.

    Excellent camera but these faulty cards spoil the whole enjoyment of photography. And I have lost money also, because I can't deliver the photos ordered from me.

    – vintola –

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    David K;5925 wrote: Holiday Season needs at least one shot like this…

    Vau… extremely beautiful Christmas Tree !
    – vintola –

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    Yup, Waiting also the S3, because reading this and LFI, there seems to be too much problems with the S2. The investment for me is so expensive that I'd like to have the camera with less problems. – vintola –

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    fotografz;1456 wrote: It is a Camdapter handstrap:

    I use one on each different camera I have. They come in basic black leather as shown on my S2 above, or a choice of some fun finishes (I use a Python Grey one on my Hasselblad H camera, which is also grey :-).

    The base I use is the Arca Neoprene Adapter … a Quick-Release base plate that fits an Arca QR system. It has a “dual Lug” design that allows you to have a hand strap AND a shoulder strap. The Arca base allows use on any Arca based tripod or Mono-Pod head.

    If you use a Really Right Stuff lever clamp for your QR, then the one to use is the Arca Plus Adapter.

    Also available in Standard and Manfroto base plates.


    Thank You fotografz. Probably the Leica's own handstrap is suitable only if using the additional handgrip/battery compartment. – vintola –

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    fotografz;1417 wrote: Georg, my advice based on a lot of experience would be to be careful with the Fong diffuser. The SF58 will constantly flop forward due to the weight of that diffuser and it likes to fall off at the most inopportune times. Plus, it really wastes a lot of light by scattering it all over the place including behind you … okay in very tight quarters, but wasteful otherwise. You can add accessories to throw more light forward, but it adds even more weight to the unit.

    With the S2 you cannot afford to waste any light from the SF58.

    A couple of additional considerations:

    The Metz bounce for shooting landscape oriented group shots that I mentioned above:

    And for general shooting indoors with Tungsten lighting where you just tilt the flash head at 45ยบ and shoot. It helps with the color balance issue using daylight flash in a Tungsten environment … not great for long distance shots, but excellent at normal and close distances like at a reception and dancing shots.

    Personally, I find all these to be compromises for shooting people and now use a 12″ softbox on my SF58 when ever I can … either directly on-camera, or using a Nikon cord and Lowel grip to provide directional quality to the light:

    Speaking of off-camera … that is the single most productive thing you can do creatively … I frequently use a radio controlled set-up with the SF58 set on A, and shoot one-handed which requires the use of a hand-strap. (see attached).

    Not trying to get complicated, just sharing alternative thoughts beyond just the OPs request, just in case anyone is interested in the possibilities with the Lighting and the S2,


    Fotografz, I didn't find the answer about the handstrap. I am probably going to buy S2 and very interested about this handstrap. Is it Leica's or some third parties strap? – vintola –

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