• Cam Garner;1983 wrote: I use the Singh-Ray variable ND filters all the time. They make a thin version in additional to their regular version and neither causes vignetting on the 35mm.

    My experience as well. Singh Ray is a great company and Ray Singh a true gentleman

  • David

    In addition to your comments I recently read an article that was from a company (I believe it was called I Fixit but I may be wrong about that) who took the entire MacBook Pro apart to determine its “fixability.”

    They discovered that much of the unit is glued in place and that the display is integral to the unit and if damaged the…[Read more]

  • woodyspedden replied to the topic Right Angle Finder in the forum S2 10 years, 12 months ago

    Stuart Richardson;678 wrote: I have to agree with him. They can't even produce enough lenses to meet demand…the last thing they should be devoting resources to is something like a right angle finder, which will only appeal to a very small and specific set of users. I don't mean to offend either of you with that, but it is not an item that many…

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  • woodyspedden replied to the topic Right Angle Finder in the forum S2 10 years, 12 months ago

    Plus, they could have said that because of the backlogs for both S2 and M lenses that they simply did not have the resources to work on lower priority items such as the L Finder.

    Saying that the solution is to buy another system that has this accessory is a new high of arrogance, even for Leica. Germans are often misunderstood when they speak…[Read more]

  • fotografz;757 wrote: One experiential comment I can add is that I'm not a fan of the Lever type release on the RRS QR clamp … nor are a number of other long time MFD users.

    It can be to easily snagged and opened, and once adjusted for a tight grip on the RSS camera plates, is not always tight with other QR ARCA type plates, so it has to be…

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  • Shot this on a trip from Denver to Telluride. Didn't think much of it in color so did a bit of HDR application then converted to black and white. I would invite your C&C


  • David K;224 wrote: Recently discovered that shooting flowers isn't as easy as it looks. Took this one with the 120 macro 1/4 sec @f/8. Looked a little soft so I sharpened it up a bit…maybe a bit too much. Made me wonder what you guys are using for a sharpening technique.

    Hey David

    I use Photokit Sharpener (Jeff Schewe, Mac Holbert…[Read more]

  • Well, as I said my only problem has been with the 120mm and that happened only twice. I was focusing close to infinity and the S2 just kept hunting.

    I think the best advice is to use Al's method. Using the AF button on the back to get close then tweak seems like a pretty quick and reliable method.

    Anyway I am not knocking the AF of the…[Read more]

  • Mark

    I am not sure the horizon is tilted although at first glance it looks that way.
    I think that the fog (always there somewhere in Northern California) is creating the illusion of tilt. If you look carefully at the extreme edges it appears to me that both extreme points are at the same level. JMHO


  • for the most part I find AF to be pretty good. Not in the Nikon class but pretty good. My 120mm sometimes gets into a hunt mode when focusing towards infinity but not always. Probably something I am doing wrong but we'll see.

    The 70 and 180 seem to AF very good.