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    Jack MacD

    For the definition of Desirable read this blog and then comments

    S2 is #2

    Why not reply to the TOP blog rather than here

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    Strange list. NEX-7 may be lusted… but it will disappoint some I’m sure.

    Ordered one in Sept or so and of course was put on wait. Had planned to have my wife use the NEX and bought an A77 for myself. The idea of interchangeable bodies and common lenses was strong.

    Alas, the A77, while “adequate” is no match for an M9, much less an S2! I don’t expect an NEX-7 to be that much better than the A77. So while the NEX-7 may be the “IT” camera now (leveraged by breathless reviews from smug bloggers who Sony sends their newest pieces to) it will excite very few here if I had to guess.

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