• allegretto replied to the topic Desirable Cameras in the forum S2 10 years, 11 months ago

    Strange list. NEX-7 may be lusted… but it will disappoint some I'm sure.

    Ordered one in Sept or so and of course was put on wait. Had planned to have my wife use the NEX and bought an A77 for myself. The idea of interchangeable bodies and common lenses was strong.

    Alas, the A77, while “adequate” is no match for an M9, much less an S2!…[Read more]

  • allegretto replied to the topic M9 and S2… in the forum S2 10 years, 11 months ago

    No camera/lens combination I've used can match the depth and bokeh (ther's that stupid word again) of an S2.

    However the M9 is second best and far better than almost anything else. If you didn't have the S2 to compare it to you'd think it The Best.

    S2 is such a monster, and sadly I don't find its AF all that perfect, even when I set…[Read more]

  • Great, thanks!

  • yes, they could

    Have heard anecdotes about Aaron being a very good kid at heart. Does lots of charity and Community service. My work has brought me into contact with pro athletes of all the major sports.

    Little use for NBA players, very selfish and poorly mannered. Baseball not far behind in many cases. NFL guys are very intense but…[Read more]

  • Your first image of the suite is one of the most compelling demonstrations of the Mandelbrot equation that I could imagine. Literally nothing more be said…

    please see; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandelbrot_set for expansion on the technicals

    fractals rule!

  • Jack MacD;1320 wrote: This is a three image merge from a M9 28mm at 500iso 1/125 at f4.8
    This was a card stunt shown last night on NFL Monday Night Football.
    Go Pack

    I usually shoot this kind of stuff with my S2, but wanted the camera to fit in my pocket.
    Thought about bringing my WATE for the shot.

    I have been using the 28mm on…

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  • allegretto replied to the topic Future of the S2 in the forum S2 11 years ago

    Obsolescence is a variable event. As some have alluded, at times “new and improved” simply is not anything more than new. And even “improvements” are not necessarily better, especially in the artistic realm.

    While I don't doubt that ultimately an S3 will appear, it won't obsolete the divine images that the S2 is currently producing. And the…[Read more]

  • allegretto replied to the topic Strap for S2 in the forum S2 11 years ago

    hikemate;1445 wrote: i used the http://www.blackrapid.com/product/camera-strap/rs-7/ black rapid strap

    just saw this tonight

    my next strap for sure!

  • allegretto replied to the topic Strap for S2 in the forum S2 11 years ago

    Upstrap looks nice alright but I love my Domke better for a couple reasons;

    – Upstrap too long. Face it, the S2 with any lens is quite a bit of mass, once it gets swinging on a long strap that's quite a bit of inertia to control, and can swing into something very expensively. Domke seems just about right to pull up for action easily, but…[Read more]

  • Not just that

    Many of the new smaller format cameras from Sony, Ricoh, Oly, Pana and a couple more now have sufficiently short FFL's and adapters for M-lenses and the net camera blogs are touting the advantages that we long-time Leica uses know; NO ONE makes glass as Leica does.

    So a whole new class of camera owners are now Leica lens users…

  • sadly I quite agree!

    my problem is that the flash seems to have a mind of its own and randomly flashes when it feels like it in what I would call “spasms” of flash.

    would not mind it so much but;

    1) sometimes the flash is recharging when I do want to take an image, and

    2) someone will tell me, “…did you know your flash is…[Read more]

  • Love my 120. may be my favorite lens of the 3 I own


    It is a total handful at anything but moderate to high shutter speeds. In a situation like Macro it's really a question mark for hand hold. However it is entirely possible that you're better than I am.

    In any case it is a great lens!

  • jrv;1281 wrote: Remember that “ISO” is different in the digital world than with film. The sensitivity (“ISO”) of a digital sensor is what it is and cannot be changed; changing a digital camera's ISO setting changes the readout strategy or “the way the lab processes the roll of film”.

    In both tests in David's experiment the sensor had the…

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  • Stuart Richardson;1253 wrote: Why wouldn't you just take a photo and then delete it? It seems like it would accomplish the same thing, only without any buttons or special features.

    As for a true RAW histogram, have you seen any deficiency in the regular histogram that makes this necessary? I am curious to hear about any particular issues,…

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  • OK, had a chance to view the images on side-by-side color matched monitors

    – yes, more noise in the 160 push as processed, but not too evident in full-frame. The pixel-peep makes it more obvious. In a typical 8 x 10 (I know, violation of the 2:3 Golden Rule) would be curious to see if they could be told apart by even experienced eyes.

    -…[Read more]

  • thanks David, that's what I was looking for but I'll have to check it on my large monitor to know. they look close on my Mac Air

    Now what if you just left it @ 160 and ETTR for a stop or two it might be even better…

    David Farkas;1246 wrote: Alright… here's the test:

    Testing methodology:

    M9 with 35 f/2 ASPH on tripod…

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  • David Farkas;1239 wrote: Not sure if this translates to real world results. An easy test would be to shoot a test target at ISO 160, underexposed 3 stops and at ISO 1250 properly exposed. Boost the ISO 160 shot 3 stops in LR and then compare. Without doing the test (yet) my guess is that the 1250 shot will look better. If I get a few free minutes…

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  • OK, this is what I mean;


    wish I could upload it to make it easy but it seems that this site wont take reasonably sized attachments… or maybe I'm screwing it up. In any case;

    you can see that raising the ISO of an M9 compresses DR and does NOT decrease read noise. That it is a CCD is not the…[Read more]

  • David Duffin;1225 wrote: Of course the shutter must activate to capture a raw for analysis — do you envision this action being assigned to a function button?

    what a wonderful idea! 😉

  • How about a true RAW histogram that actually tells us what we are shooting pre-shot?

    I assume most here use RAW/DNG wherever possible. I am further assuming that the current histogram is for a .jpg deriviative not true RAW

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