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    I own the regular FP lens. is there allot less vibration coming from the CS lens. I want to us it to shoot flower photography hand held. I have the 90 m macro on my m9 it is wonderful Any idea when they will release it

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    Mark Gowin

    As far as I know, the CS lens won’t help you (or not much) in terms of less vibration when shooting handheld. The reason is that the mirror still has to travel up during the shot sequence whether a focal plane shutter or central shutter is used. I think the mirror would be the biggest source of vibration. Perhaps I am wrong and someone else will chime in.

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    Love my 120. may be my favorite lens of the 3 I own


    It is a total handful at anything but moderate to high shutter speeds. In a situation like Macro it’s really a question mark for hand hold. However it is entirely possible that you’re better than I am.

    In any case it is a great lens!

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    As I understand it, the S2’s focal plane shutter will also still be in action as opposed to say the Hasselblad H4D which doesn’t have a focal plane shutter, and only uses the leaf shutter in the lens.

    But that has to be confirmed when the CS lenses become available. It seems to me that when you switch to CS the focal plane shutter could also be opened and stay that way. Maybe there’s a reason it can’t, but I don’t know it.

    Where the CS lenses will bring something to the party is when using flash or strobes. The current top sync speed is 125th which forces you to stop down the aperture when shooting in brighter light, and 1/125th may not stop secondary motion blur of subjects that are moving quickly. Being able to sync flash at 1/500th allows one to open the aperture up more, and does provide less chance of secondary motion blur.


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    David Farkas

    In my recent conversation with the S2 product managers, they outlined the CS firing sequence as follows:

    1. shutter release is pressed
    2. mirror goes up
    3. focal plane shutter opens
    4. camera starts exposure
    5. central shutter closes
    6. focal plane shutter closes
    7. central shutter opens
    8. mirror returns

    As it is now, there is no reduction in vibration when using CS lenses as the mirror and FP shutter have to fire in rapid succession first. If, in the future, some kind of delay (like Hasselblad has) can be set before the CS lenses fire, then, yes, there would be less vibration.

    I suspect, though, that human movement (shake, sway, etc) will pose much more of an issue when shooting macro handheld work with a longer focal length lens like the 120. The S2 is already quite well damped.

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