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Leica has done an outstanding job of consistently rolling out new firmware for its lineup of digital cameras. And the updates haven't been just for current production. Previously produced cameras have continued to receive support via firmware releases as well. But with so many systems and particular models, keeping track of the latest firmware for each camera has become more and more challenging. So, in the spirit of helping out the Leica community, we've compiled a full list of all current firmware for every digital camera in the Leica lineup, both past and present. And since Leica has had a habit of moving files on their support website, we've given the firmware files a more permanent home here on Red Dot Forum's secure FTP server. You can jump to a specific system with these quick links, or simply scroll down to see the full list.

Leica M System

Leica SL System

Leica Q System

Leica S System

Leica CL / TL System

Leica X System

Leica Compact Cameras


Leica M System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica M11-P2.0.2Nov 28, 2023
Leica M112.0.2Nov 28, 2023
Leica M11 Monochrom2.0.2Nov 28, 2023
Leica M10-R30.22.23.34Nov 11, 2022
Leica M10-P4.22.23.34Nov 11, 2022
Leica M10-P ASC Edition3.22.23.52Nov 11, 2022
Leica M10-D3.22.23.52Nov 11, 2022
Leica M103.22.23.38Nov 11, 2022
Leica M10 Monochrom4.22.23.34Nov 11, 2022
Leica M / M-P (Typ 240) 20, 2021
Leica M (Typ 262) 20, 2021
Leica M-D (Typ 262) 20, 2021
Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) 20, 2021
Leica M9 / M9-P / M-E1.216Nov 29, 2017
Leica M Monochrom (M9)1.022Nov 29, 2017
Leica M8 / M8.22.024Nov 15, 2014

SL System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica SL25.2.0Aug 31, 2023
Leica SL2-S5.2.0Aug 31, 2023
Leica SL (Typ 601)4.0Aug 31, 2023

Q System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica Q31.3Sep 29, 2023
Leica Q25.0Apr 18, 2023
Leica Q2 Monochrom5.0Apr 18, 2023
Leica Q (Typ 116) / Q-P3.1Feb 1, 2019

S System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica S31.1.0.0Apr 20, 2020
Leica S (Typ 007) 25, 2018
Leica S / S-E (Typ 006) 13, 2016
Leica S2 / S2-P1.4.0.0Sep 16, 2014

CL/TL System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica CL4.1Jun 30, 2021
Leica TL21.5Feb 4, 2016
Leica TL2.4
Leica T (Typ 701)1.9Oct 2, 2018

X System

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica X Vario1.1Sep 16, 2014
Leica X21.1Jun 26, 2012
Leica X12.0Mar 28, 2011

Compact Cameras

Camera ModelCurrent FirmwareRelease Date/Notes
Leica V-Lux 52.0Mar 14, 2020
Leica D-Lux 72.0Mar 14, 2020
Leica D-Lux 52.0Dec 16, 2011
Leica C-Lux (2018)2.0Mar 14, 2020

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