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Leica Q2 Reporter

Today, Leica has officially released the Q2 Reporter. Shown back at the November Celebration of Photography event in We...

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Leica M11 Review: The Ultimate Digital M

Leica had a real challenge this time around. In just a little over a decade, the legendary German camera maker had progressed from its first rudimentary attempt at a digital rangefinder camera in the M8 to what I dubbed the quintessential digital M with the M...

The Leica V-Lux 5: A Closer Look

For the last four years, the Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) which features a 1-inch CMOS sensor and fast 25-400mm built-in optical zoom, has been the go-to for both amateurs and professionals looking for a back-friendly and travel-ready superzoom. Last week, Leica ann...

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What’s in Our Camera Bags – 2021 Edition

I have a camera bag problem. It started out innocent enough - just one or two bags for different-sized camera systems - maybe a backpack for longer hauls and a shoulder bag for the day-to-day stuff. Yet I’ve now somehow reached the point where I’...

What’s In Our Camera Bags – 2019 Edition

Last spring, my colleagues and I at Leica Store Miami published an article called What’s in Our Camera Bags, where we individually laid out our gear bags and showed you how and what we shoot. Since then, a lot has changed. We’ve hired new staff, new cameras a...

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