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Today, Leica Camera has announced the new Leica M-P (Typ 240) camera in black paint and silver chrome. Similar in concept to the Leica M9-P and Leica M8.2, the Leica M-P (Typ 240) offers a number of new features and enhancements over the current Leica M (Typ 240). The new features include:

  • Rear LCD screen made from scratch-resistant sapphire glass
  • Larger, 2GB image buffer for longer continuous shooting
  • Classic Leica look with removal of red Leica dot and “M” logo
  • Leica script writing on top plate
  • Frame line selector lever has been added
  • Info button, directional pad, and thumb wheel “blacked out” on black paint model
  • Removal of “Leica Camera Made in Germany” from rear of top plate

One feature that stands out is the increase in the camera's buffer to 2GB, which will allow for considerably more continuous shooting without interruption. This is a welcome upgrade and will certainly help differentiate the new M-P from the current M. A range of new camera protectors and ever ready cases have been introduced as well, to accommodate for the addition of the frame line selector lever on the front of the camera body. The official press release from Leica:

Leica Camera is proud to present the Leica M-P, an elegant, discrete and faster model to the M-System. Embodying the best of Leica M cameras, the Leica M-P has an unobtrusive appearance, appealing to professional photographers and avid Leica M users.


  • Scratch resistant display-cover made of sapphire glass
  • Long-lasting readiness to capture due to a large double sized image buffer of 2GB
  • Pure look without the Leica Logo and “M” lettering on the front side
  • Manual viewfinder frame selection with the traditional ‘frame selector‘

The large buffer size of 2GB makes it possible to shoot up to 24 images in full continuous speed of 3 frames per second. With such a buffer size, the new Leica M-P is ready to shoot at almost anytime, thus, the ‘decisive moment’ is never missed.

With the reduced, classic look, without the Leica logo, the Leica M-P has an unobtrusive appearance making it a professional tool with a unique identity. The sapphire glass is extremely scratch resistant and unbreakable, an appealing feature to professional photographers. Leica Camera is the only manufacturer that offers sapphire glass as acamera display protection. The Leica M-P has the classic image field selector which is another appealing feature to professional photographers and avid Leica M users.

The Leica M-P in silver chrome finish will be available from late August while the black paint finish version will be available from mid-September. There are new protectors and ever ready cases designed for the Leica M-P which will be available from mid-September. The new case designs will accommodate the frame selector on the M-P.

Current protectors and ever ready cases cannot be used with the Leica M-P. Other technical accessories such as the multi-functional handgrip M, electronic viewfinder EVF 2, R-Adapter M for the M (Typ 240) can be used with the Leica M-P.

To place an order for the Leica M-P (Typ 240) or with any questions, please call or email us anytime or check out our website.


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Leica Specialist

Josh Lehrer has been with Leica Store Miami since 2010 and is as obsessed with Leica as he is with fast cars and his Golden Retriever, Enzo. He particularly enjoys obscure and vintage Leica gear and is probably the only person to use the Leica S for photographing car shows.

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4 Responses

  1. Duane Pandorf

    Josh has there been any changes to the sensor as compared to the original M240?

  2. Josh Lehrer

    Duane Pandorf;8598 wrote: Josh has there been any changes to the sensor as compared to the original M240?

    The sensor is the same CMOS that is used in the Leica M (Typ 240).


    josh speaks so rapidly (or the video has been speeded up) that I can barely understand what he is saying, much less take the information in. I gave up after a few minutes into video number two.
    Pity, because I’d like to hear what he has to say.
    Best regards,


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