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Leica Camera has announced that effective September 1, 2014 there will be a price increase on the Leica M (Typ 240) camera in both black and silver chrome.

Currently, both cameras are priced at $6,950. Starting September 1, 2014 both will be priced at $7,250. To purchase a Leica M (Typ 240) at the current price of $6,950 your order must be placed before September 1, 2014.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions.

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Leica Specialist

Josh Lehrer has been with Leica Store Miami since 2010 and is as obsessed with Leica as he is with fast cars and his Golden Retriever, Enzo. He particularly enjoys obscure and vintage Leica gear and is probably the only person to use the Leica S for photographing car shows.

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