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Today, Leica has released a major new firmware update for the S (Typ 007) medium format digital SLR: firmware In addition to bringing compatibility via WiFi with the new Leica FOTOS iOS & Android app (learn more about that here), firmware adds a number of new features and bug fixes. You can download the new firmware here:

Leica S (Typ 007) Firmware

Read on for a detailed breakdown of the changes and improvements:

Improved Video Operation Start/Stop Video recording via Leica Cable Release S (order no. 16029) when Video Live View is active

This one is pretty simple, and nice to have. When the Leica S-Cable Release is attached to your camera, it can also be used to start and stop video recording in addition to firing the shutter for still photos.

Additional Photo Mask (3:1) for better composing. Supported by Adobe Lightroom

The 3:1 aspect ratio is clearly visible in live view and playback

The Photo Masks menu is where you choose the new 3:1 Pano setting

If you are looking to shoot a REALLY wide aspect ratio, now you can. Personally I prefer to do this kind of cropping in post production, but depending on your needs this may be a nice feature to have.

Maximum Exposure Time extended to 125 seconds

The top OLED showing 125 seconds at ISO100

Now we are getting into the good stuff! Previously, at ISO 100 the longest exposure available on the S007 was 60 seconds. Firmware increases that to 125 seconds. Do keep in mind that as you increase ISO, your access to these longer speeds decreases. Here's a handy chart that breaks it down:

ISOMax Time
100125 sec
20090 sec
40045 sec
80024 sec
160012 sec
64004 sec
128002 sec

Center Marking for Live View Autofocus field

The smaller crosshair in the center is new. It stays in the center. You can see to the upper right the larger crosshair that represents your autofocus point which you can move around freely.

When working in live view, the autofocus spot for the S007 is a small white crosshair. When you start moving it around the frame, it can be tricky to try and re-position it dead center again. An even smaller crosshair is added in the new firmware which is fixed to the center, making it easy to bring your focus point back there.

Customize Controls for Front Wheel Direction

Now you can reverse the direction of the top dial in the Customize Controls menu.

The “front wheel” in this case is the top dial on the camera, primarily used for adjusting your shutter speed. This new control allows you to reverse the direction of that dial, should you so choose.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the above listed new features, a few bug fixes are also listed:

    • Bug fix: GPS Tag was sometimes corrupt within a picture sequence
    • Bug fix: under some circumstances the mirror got stuck after a series of 200 to 400 exposures
    • Bug fix: under some circumstances the camera produced color patterns with the Leica Vario-Elmar-S 3.5-5.6 / 30-90mm ASPH

Updating Instructions

If you're not quite sure how to update your firmware, we've got you covered with this short instructional video:

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