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The Everyday Backpack by Peak Design Review

Recently, I found myself in the market for a new camera bag and was leaning towards a backpack. But I didn’t want something that screamed ‘camera backpack.’ Nor was I excited by the prospect of a big, bulky pack loading me down. Whatever I went with had to be...

Leica CL Review: The Perfect Travel Camera

When the Leica CL was introduced a little over a year ago, the APS-C mirrorless camera joined an already full Leica roster, sharing many similarities with its siblings. Functionally equivalent to the then very recently launched TL2, but with familiar design e...

The Leica Q-P: A Closer Look

Last month, Leica launched their latest variant of the Q: the Leica Q-P, which is the first time that their legendary "P" designation has been applied to a fixed-lens camera. Expectations are high whenever a new "P" model is launched, and given the Q's immense...

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What’s In Our Camera Bags – 2019 Edition

Last spring, my colleagues and I at Leica Store Miami published an article called What’s in Our Camera Bags, where we individually laid out our gear bags and showed you how and what we shoot. Since then, a lot has changed. We’ve hired new staff, new cameras a...

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