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Today, as part of their Photokina announcements, Leica Camera has announced a firmware update for the Leica X Vario (Typ 107): version 1.1. The new firmware update takes into consideration suggestions by customers and includes mainly operational changes in addition to fixing minor bugs.

The firmware includes the following operational improvements:

  • Direct exposure correction – in ‘A’ mode and ‘T’ mode the Exposure Value compensation functionality is in direct access on the scroll wheel
  • Info button – the info button confirms menu selections in the same way the menu/set button confirms them. It also starts the playback function in video playback mode.
  • Flash button – the flash button is now only activated when either the internal flash is opened up or an external Leica flash is attached.
  • Audio Volume – video playback mode the volume is adjustable via the top and bottom button on thumb pad
  • New functionality item ‘Auto ISO’: – selection of shutter speed times is extended to the range of 1s to 1/1000s. If ‘Auto ISO’ is selected, it stays active in M mode too.

These updates are welcome and users of the X Vario will especially be happy to have the extended range of shutter speeds available for Auto ISO mode. The firmware can be downloaded here: Leica X Vario Firmware 1.1


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