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    I was just curious how often would you use the S2 and how often the M9…
    After some months of heavy S2 use I am re-exploring the M9 those days and sometimes I even wonder if I need any better IQ than the M9.
    Yes-the S2 is sharper and color more neutral…and of course 37mp is more than 18mp.
    But then the M9 is so unobstrusive, portable, and the lenses-without being perfect have a special rendering-mmmhhhh.

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    You have perfectly described why you need both : -)


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    Yes, the M9 is very versatile, and has its place even in the presence of the S2. I’ve also been using my M8, especially in high-IR environments.

    I took only the M9 on a recent vacation trip… with less bulk, very easy to carry and pack. I had a UV/IR Cut filter on its 35 Summilux ASPH to suppress even more IR, and also to slightly cool the warm corners from the camera’s overcorrection.

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    In my opinion, there is only one reason to have both. It is impossible to get ones significant other to carry an S2. So when one tires of humping an S2, one switches to his M9. The SO will carry an M9… briefly.

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    No camera/lens combination I’ve used can match the depth and bokeh (ther’s that stupid word again) of an S2.

    However the M9 is second best and far better than almost anything else. If you didn’t have the S2 to compare it to you’d think it The Best.

    S2 is such a monster, and sadly I don’t find its AF all that perfect, even when I set focus to eyes etc. So it isn’t perfect. When I left it at home I cannot say I missed it.

    However I will say that I’m tempted to try a second IR filter but flare scares me

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    thank you for the responses.
    I have to say i finD the af slow but very accurate.
    The Bokeh…I really like the one of the S2 but find the M-lenses bokeh at least as “good”-the S2 maybe a little more distingued, the M9 maybe a little more creamy (in case of the 50 Lux vs the 70mm S)
    My favorite lens on the S2 is the 120 though-and yes, I find it to be perfect-sharp, contrasty and still smooth.

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    Are you fellows using the rear button to AF with?


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    fotografz;1631 wrote: Are you fellows using the rear button to AF with?


    Me – yes. Legacy behaviour from Nikon but I find it most convenient.


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    Yes I am using the rear AV button to focus the S2 too …and love it . The M9 is a camera one simply can’t live without …..

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    Yes, me too rear buttom for AF.

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    Al Tanabe

    Horses for courses, I have the S2, M9 and X1 currently and use them as the situation dictates. The S2 is the go to camera for studio and portrait work, M9 for fast and light travel and most recently, the X1 has filled in for the M9. Af is slower on the X1 but put it in manual and shoot away. I think the AF on the X1 is just as fast as focusing manually with the M9 and the high ISO allows a little more depth of field at 5.6 instead of 2.8. For unobtrusive shooting, the M9 is still my favorite, the S2 is way too noticeable when you try to blend in and not be noticed. The image quality of the S2 can’t be matched by either the M9 or X1, but comes at a cost of being noticed.

    So I choose the camera for the situation, if you don’t have a camera, you can’t get the shot.

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