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    The strap on my first S2 is starting to fray around the neckpiece. Has anyone found a longer lasting and/or more comfortable strap? I am curious about the Upstrap.

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    Mark Gowin

    I used the Upstrap with my Leica M8 and really liked it. However, I have not used the larger version for larger cameras so I can’t help you much there. Sorry.

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    Pete Walentin

    I heard a lot of good things about the Upstrap as well. I am currently using the Sniper-Strap for my S2 if using a strap at all.

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    Upstrap looks nice alright but I love my Domke better for a couple reasons;

    – Upstrap too long. Face it, the S2 with any lens is quite a bit of mass, once it gets swinging on a long strap that’s quite a bit of inertia to control, and can swing into something very expensively. Domke seems just about right to pull up for action easily, but still not swing too far.

    – the twin rubber strips on the underside will grip just about any garment. One of my problems is that in the cold weather I wear a few jackets that seem to shed most straps far too easily. The Domke rubber seems to grip just about everything

    -when you use the quick disconnect on the Domke the two ends can be latched together to make a nice short carry handle/ wrist strap and you don’t have the two loose ends, which just bugs me due to the rather sloppy look on a tripod


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    I use a Tamrac Boomerang for the S2 the same as fir the D3x. Comfortable and strain-free at the back. Like Queen Elizabeth 1st and her bath, I replace the strap once per year whether it needs it or not


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    Stuart Richardson

    I have used black Tamrac N-45’s for my larger/heavier cameras for years. They are durable and have a soft foam shoulder pad covered in suede. The foam keeps them soft, the suede keeps them from slipping. They are fully adjustable and have quick release latches to take the strap off when you are working on a tripod. Mine are both going on seven or eight years of frequent use with heavy cameras, and they are both working perfectly. They are also cheap. http://www.amazon.com/Tamrac-Leather-Padded-QuickRelease-Camera/dp/B00009VQJZ

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    hikemate;1445 wrote: i used the http://www.blackrapid.com/product/camera-strap/rs-7/ black rapid strap

    just saw this tonight

    my next strap for sure!

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    Jack MacD

    This is a reply for Marc from “Re: Advice need from wedding shooter” copied to this thread on camera straps so it can be found by others reading about straps.

    Thanks for the advice on the hand strap from http://camdapter.com
    and pointing me to the correct plate for RRS.
    and mentioning fun colors for the leather. I got the red which is indeed fun.
    The S2 is hardly a stealth camera so I don’t mind a hand strop that stands out.

    I use a hand strap for my M but didn’t want to add the vertical grip to an S just to get a hand strap. Your solution that you explained on “Re: Advice need from wedding shooter”
    was the answer. I also prefer hanging the camera vertically from the main strap rather than horizontal. Total upgrade cost a mere $75.
    I can now walk and shoot single handed with security, and keep the shoulder strap out of the way, except when I an “storing” the camera on my shoulder or changing lenses.

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