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    Pete Walentin

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    Does anyone know if there is any meaningful difference between the Phase One version of this lens (using the Mamiya adapter) and the Leica version?

    My dealer called today to offer me one of the first TS-APO lenses but I’m not clear on why I would spend $2k more for the Leica version.


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    Josh Lehrer


    It would be important to note that the cost of the Schneider lens is $4,643 (at a major camera shop that shall remain nameless) but you would also want to factor in the cost of the Leica S-Mamiya 645 adapter which is $850, so now are at $5,493, or a $1,457 price difference.

    I would say the primary advantage of purchasing a product that’s officially within the S system would be to have Leica’s comprehensive 1 year, fully transferable S product warranty, and the convenience of purchasing a product that’s 100% guaranteed to work on your S camera. You are also able to purchase a one-year warranty extension from Leica on this product, that is again fully transferable.

    This is a unique lens that might not be right for everyone, but for anyone needing a superb (and surprisingly lightweight) tilt/shift lens for the S system this is absolutely what I would recommend. We’ll have this lens in the shop tomorrow, so I will be posting a few sample images here on Red Dot Forum in the near future.

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    Thanks Josh. Your reply confirms what I was thinking.

    For those of us who already have the adapter, the Leica branded option probably doesn’t make much sense. I’m a Leicaphile in every way but I can’t hand them an extra $2+k just for the brand and the “option” to purchase an additional warranty.

    Interesting lens though 🙂

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