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    Lots to like about the new M specification as it appears to address the weaknesses of the M9/M9P without giving up much .

    1. ISO6400 ..implies that if it just matches the N/C/S DSLR performance in the range of 1600-3200 ..you now have enough speed for most night street shooting .

    2. Option EVF (can t say I want to use this much ) does provide a way to accurately focus the short telephotos and with focus peaking makes lenses in the 90-180 range useable . This is a big deal when traveling (for me ) because it allows me to extend the range without carrying much more .

    3. LV …for some work this extends the range of the CRF .

    No sure about the following desired improvements :

    1. Larger buffer and faster cards ? Maestro chip implies this .

    2. Battery life ? can t tell .

    3. Screen ..looks improved ..is it usable ?

    Concern .

    1. CCD to CMOS ..will the file retain the color and tone attributes most love in the existing M files. My view is the Sony files don t have the same look . This will be a big area of discovery for early buyers .

    From someone that still has many R lens ..on hold …this is no big deal . Lens focal lengths at 90 or wider …the M glass is equal or better at every focal length. Its in the 100/180/280 range that the R really provided an advantage . An EVF on a M body isn t close to using a DSLR in terms of handling etc. My preference will be to use the 135APO M as its superb and small .

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    Al Tanabe

    The CCD to CMOS is the uncertainty, will the files still have the nice rich look to it? As I understand, the sensor was made to Leica specifications so it should be a lot closer than the Sony generic sensor look.

    I could see a 180 Apo Elmarit and the M, nice and small for travel for a longer reach when needed. I am sure that more knock off adapters for other brands will pop up like mushrooms in the cow pasture after a rain.


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    My understanding is that the sensor is made by the european specialty producer and not Sony . So there is hope .

    The 180ApO is an interesting option but I fear too big to balance on the M body . The newest 180/2.8 APO is one of my favorite lenses and I carried the DMR just to use it . It pairs perfectly with the 1.4XAPO extender . That is a combination I could really enjoy . I was actually thinking though that the older 180/3.4 APO (slower focus etc) might balance better .

    The real benefit for classical M shooting will be the higher ISO performance. I have been working on this for about a year with all kinds of gear and have concluded that you need 1600-3200 with the quality you get from an M9 at 640 ..so thats 1 1/2 + . The current DSLR are all pretty good at 1600. (CMOS/FF).

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    Al Tanabe

    The 180 3.4 was a great lens at infinity but not as good near-mid range as the Apo Elmarit. Also the near to far on the 3.4 was over one revolution if I recall. With the 1.4x + 180 you have quite a long lens in a small package for travel.

    I need to stop talking about this or my wallet will be much lighter!


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    Jonathan SlackAvatar photo

    Hi Roger
    I’ve been using my 180 APO elmarit on an Olympus OMD body with much success. Handling is fine, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic on the M with the handgrip. Different from an SLR, but different can be good as well as bad.

    all the best

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    I know you have been happy with the 180 on the smaller OMD. I will not know until I try it . My expectation is that the 135APO M will finally have a method that works with the M . The 180 not sure yet . I did not get comfortable with the 135 on the NEX 7 .


    I know that 180 3.4 APO well ..it was my bread and butter lens for a long time . I went with the 180 2.8 67MM (pre APO) to get the close focus and faster focusing (for tennis) (even though the 3.4 was better at longer distances ). Generally with the M I am not looking for a larger image but rather to gain reach . (like shooting around the water ). The 3.4 is pretty bad with the extenders .the new 2.8apo is great . Will take some sorting out .

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    I have shot a few thousand photographs on the M240. It has exceeded my expectations. It surpasses the M9 in many areas. It is a real joy to use and feel fortunate to have mine.

    Let me do my best to try and address all of your concerns.

    Buffer size is fantastic. I rarely hit the buffer on the new M and when I did it cleared extremely fast. The M9 would always hit the buffer and when working with a subject would completely break up the momentum of shooting.

    Battery life, for me its amazing because I rarely use live view and don’t like the evf. Its a larger battery then the M8/9. Even when using live view it still give you a lot of life.

    The screen! Whenever I showed people pictures off the screen of my M9 I always would say, “I promise the pictures look a lot better then on here,” it was an embarrassment! The new M240 screen is brilliant in every way.

    Your concern with the sensor is understandable, however it’s a non issue. Its a Leica designed sensor not some assembly cmos lets throw it in this camera; slr wars kind of thing. The sensor on the M9 was downright noisy. IS0 1250 on the M9 has more noise then ISO 3200 on the new M.
    The magic isn’t in a CCD sensor or non uniform noise patterns. Its about a custom designed from the ground up sensor with the Leica GLASS!

    I got a few prints from the M and you would not be able to tell the difference in M9 or M. The prints I have from IS0 3200 blew my mind!

    In my opinion you cant leave the house with just a M, but whenever you have your S you better bring your M along……

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    I am 99.5% happy with the M240. The only things I would change are –
    1: Black dot on the front rather than the red dot;
    2: Black command button & ring on the back at the upper right position.

    While I am very pleased with the performance & results that my M240 produces, the black on black finish and sapphire screen of the M-P has caused my eye to wander.

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