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    When I got my new Q2 Monochrom I also bought my wife a new D-Lux 7 to take along on our travels (she has a better eye for composition than I do). Her experience with cameras beyond an iPhone is limited. She wants to shoot in aperture priority most of the time. The problem is that it’s really easy to accidentally move the position of the autofocus area on the touch screen. I know this is a feature for those of us who pay attention to settings, but it’s frustrating for her. Is there a way to lock the AF area without fully turning the touch screen off completely? Thanks for any advice.

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    Not really. What I have found that works for me is to place one’s eye to the EVF before bringing the entire camera to your face. Once I activate the EVF, touching the LCD screen doesn’t move the focus square. It’s just a slight change but once “remembered” you’ll have fewer, if any, issues.

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    Great suggestion. So simple and easy. And it works!! Thanks for the tip. (Like so many things, I wish I had thought of it myself). – Mike

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