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    Jack MacD

    I was looking for an iPhone camera lens viewfinder that allowed me to prejudge a given lens POV.
    TOP was having a review by photographers of iPhone apps today,
    and I discovered
    Viewfinder Pro here:
    It can be easily set to use this app for the S2, and it has settings for all Leica cameras. I also added my M9 even though the lines in the viewfinder of the camera are a smarter choice for an M.
    The photo shows the selector set for the S2 lenses with the view frame lines superimposed over the scene, and shows the four lenses available now. The iPhone 4 POV full is pretty close to the S35 without an adapter, but if a wide adaptor is used on the iPhone the adjustment factor can be figured in. Not cheap for an app at $19, but I would figure it pretty handy for choosing which of the S lenses to use between a 120 and 180.( the $12 version does not include MD cameras )
    Might help convince me that I really do need more of the S lenses. If so, the app will be very expensive.

    Also picked up two fun light meters. One with a spot meter.
    search “pocket light meter” or “focometer pro”
    focometer pro is amusing as it it the size of my old sekonic

    Any apps/tools that allow better use of a Leica that any of you have found would be welcome. Any apps that just allow an iPhone to be used as a camera are not encouraged as there are plenty of other sites that review all those. That is until Leica introduces a smartphone.

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    Dear Jack,

    The Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder, the successor of Viewfinder product line (Basic, Cine, Pro) is made by photographers for photographers and cinematographers with indispensable features for both professionals (e.g. Dropbox upload).
    Here you can find the app’s more than 40 features: http://www.artistsviewfinder.com/features/


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