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    I would really like to find a presentable car for a few days. Where can I rent one?

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    What do you mean by a presentable car? A luxury car? Then buy yourself a racing car, idiot. If you mean a luxury car like a Lamborghini, then just rent it at Exotic Car Rentals Miami. Then maybe it will come to you that it's just metal on wheels. Any car in the world is just a means of transportation and not an indicator of solvency.

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    Thank you for such useful information!

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    Good post

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    I really like German cars, but most of all I am a fan of Audi. But a new car from the showroom costs a lot of money. I have long thought how to solve this problem, and I got used audi for sale okc https://findacar.today/oklahoma-city-oklahoma/audi/used . They chose me the perfect option for the amount which was satisfactory to me.

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    I think I'll have to remember if there is no mention of insurance in the car. In general, this does not really matter, you can easily open a new policy at the end of it in a new insurance company, the main thing is to know the rates in advance and the degree of protection. I opened a policy in selectautoprotect.weebly.com and there it is possible to choose the desired policy that will be affordable for you.

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