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    Bobby Lee

    Hi all,
    I am new in this forum. I am from Hong Kong. I would like to ask if anyone has tested the practical dynamic range of the S2 system. We all know Leica says it is around 12 f stops, as reconfirmed from the factory via email last night, but almost all medium format digital back manufacturers mention the real life dynamic range of their system. In the real life, say if Mr. Ansel Adam still alive and using a digital camera, he as a serious photographer will ask the manufacturer where are the upper and lower clipping points related to the mid tone exposure setting.
    I have used Sekonic’s test chart and it’s own software to test the S2 and that was within six f stops. Sounds much less than expected but it is already way better than shooting film!
    Anyone has more information on this topic?
    Looking forward to learn more in this forum.

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    Bobby Lee

    Sorry I think I have posted the thread in to the wrong topic! Should be S2 not S2 lenses. I will post it again.

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