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    So long story short, I just got out of a tough breakup that’s made me want to travel more and start taking amazing photos and videos of my travels.

    I don’t know much about photography, outside of taking regular photos and videos on my iphone, and occasionally portrait mode every now and then.

    I have done some research and have been suggested a few cameras, like the panasonic lumix, the sony 6500, and more recently two of my photographer and filmmaker friends have suggested to me the sony a7iii as the best camera if I had a high budget.

    Just to clarify I really don’t know anything about photography, nor lenses, and had a few questions:

    Would learning a bit of photography be easy regardless of the quality of camera I had? I heard I could be terrible but just owning an a7iii would make my photos great.<a

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    By checking out the work of other photographesr you can decide what genre you want to choose. Read guide from other discussion or blog site. I guess that I play animal jam(https://sites.google.com/view/animaljam-pc) after long day work.

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