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    What do you guys think of TL2?

    Idea to invest as a first camera?

    Does it hold value?

    Can it use and last for at least 10 years?

    Same quality sensor as M10?

    If pair with 23mm f2 lens, can it compact enough to put in your pant pocket and go anywhere to shoot without need for a carry bag?

    Will Leica add flat profile to it in future?

    How’s the shooting experiences? Any T/TL owner here to share the experiences?

    Do the sensor and processor are made by Leica or rebadge of other brand camera?

    Does T series camera is a proper system that as a serious tool to shoot pro photo or just a casual toy for the rich?

    Does TL2 is like in between M and SL series where the photo is not as good as M and video is not as good as SL, Jack of all trades?

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