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    Pete Walentin

    As I know that I’m not the only fan of cars here in this forum, here are some pictures especially for Mr. Lehrer. – and as you could imagine Mr. Lehrer, Germany is a good place for cars. 😉

    All with the Monochrom and Nocti f/0.95.



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    Josh Lehrer

    Gorgeous images! I’ve always been a Porsche enthusiast. Did they have any 959’s there?

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    Pete Walentin

    Yes, a silver one. 😉

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    David K


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    Mark Gowin

    Great images – 1 and 6 are my favorites.

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    Very nice Pete, thanks for sharing. B&W works very well here.

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    Amazing Images. As a Porsche lover myself I am overdue for a trip to the museum. I will of course have to drive the Nurburgring as well.

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