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    Jack MacD

    I have been trying to download the new T 701 1.2 firmwear and I don’t even get a ZIP file, I get a TUZ file which on one computer will not open, and on another will not even download fully.
    Anyone got the actual file yet?

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    If the T is the same as the M the file is loaded on a SD card and the card is inserted in the camera. The file will not open on your computer.

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    Kirsten VignesAvatar photo

    Naper is correct. You downloaded a ZIP file from Leica’s website, which you then extracted the .TUF file from. The file isn’t readable by a computer. You simply transfer it to you camera’s SD card and then put it into the T. I put together a step-by-step visual guide on how to update the firmware on the T since it’s not very straight forward. If you have anymore trouble, just let me know!


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    Jack MacD

    Yes, I updated fine thanks.
    The instructions say double click the zip file, but apparently that was not necessary to do, as the computer automatically behind the scenes, opened to the final file.

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    The T firmware update was somewhat scary. I followed the instructions down to ‘Restart the camera’, which didn’t say how to restart the camera, and that’s especially significant given the prior warnings to NOT TURN OFF the camera. So I took the big chance to turn it off after the restart screen appeared, and watched it turn on, and being the patient sort, I waited to see if something else would happen. And wouldn’t you know it, it started doing a lens update (18-56), which wasn’t described anywhere that I saw.

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