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    I want to share a some photos from my visit to the Omo Valley – Ehiopia

    35 mm ISO 320 1/250 f/3.4

    120 mm ISO 320 1/180 f/3.4

    70 mm ISO 320 1/1000 f/6.8

    120mm ISO 320 1/250 f/2.8

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    Pete Walentin

    OMG. I already commented on the pictures you posted at GetDPI but you make me with every new picture completely speechless. These pictures are unbelievable good. You could be really proud about your work.

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    Kurt Kamka

    Wonderful shots. The third and fourth shots are fantastic … there is so much there that delivers on the depth of the human condition.


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    David K

    I can only imagine the effort you made to obtain these shots…but I can assure you they are worth it. To my eye these are nothing short of spectacular…as were the images I’ve seen posted by you elsewhere. I would love to hear what inspired you to visit Ethiopia and how you managed to cultivate a rapport with your subjects.

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    David Farkas

    Wow. These are really amazing shots. Great storytelling, magical lighting and such a depth to the images.

    Can’t wait to see more!

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    breathtaking images! hope to hear more about the stories behind.

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    Mark Gowin

    This has to be the best “first post” I have ever seen in any forum. Your photos are exceptional. Each has their own feel and emotion and yet each are also technically excellent.

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    Jack MacD


    Well this photographer is using the tool well.
    Glad you posted here as well as GetDPI.
    I hope when you print them, you post a shot of how they look in exhibition.

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    velmi pekne fotky – gratulujem!

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    Jaw dropping good, please don’t take my words lightly 🙂

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