• melantye replied to the topic SF58 not working on S2P? in the forum S2 10 years, 1 month ago

    fotografz;6167 wrote: Thanks for answering David.

    Yes, I know it is supposed to only work on TTL-HSS … and that is the way it worked before.

    Suddenly, TTL-HSS is not available at all in the SF58 selection menu, but TTL is there … then, the camera and flash will fire in just TTL up to 1/4000 in CS mode and up to 1/125 in FP mod…

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  • melantye replied to the topic S120 AF .. in the forum S Lenses 10 years, 1 month ago

    David Farkas;6166 wrote: Interesting approach. I'm trying to think about how this could be implemented without creating a possible stumbling block. Imagine you pick up the camera, forget to change the focus zone and end up either thinking the lens is broken or missing a shot because you were fumbling with the menus.

    Any thoughts?

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  • melantye replied to the topic S120 AF .. in the forum S Lenses 10 years, 2 months ago

    RVB;6153 wrote: I've just been using the Hasselblad 120macro (great lens) and one great feature on this lens/body system would be a great idea for the Leica S.. When you add the macro to the H body the A.F settings shows a new setting which is exclusive to this lens,that is the ability the choose from near scan,full scan or infinity scan.


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  • peterv;6120 wrote: That's a good start! I like the website, nice and clean. The portaits are interesting, nice light. Best of luck with her new career!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • erlingmm;5723 wrote: Just upgraded firmware for my lenses. On checking my Vario 30-90 against the Leica instructions, my lens did not confirm to the firmware version given. It was supposed to be, my lens showed
    I read on another forum that the Leica documentation was wrong (and that my lens was ok), can this be…

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  • melantye replied to the topic S power management in the forum Leica S 10 years, 6 months ago

    RVB;4747 wrote: Your right it does this too,another issue I have is that there is no option to keep the mirror up between shots,the S/S2 is a great camera but I would like to see Leica resolve these issues in the next firmware update…

    In firmware settings for bracketing and the self-timer can now be stored in user profiles and…[Read more]

  • Finally got mine as well. Extremely pleased with the lens.

    David and Josh, may be you guys can let Leica know my simple (firmware) feature request:
    With S lens most times I need to get handheld speed of at least 1/2f instead of 1/f. In aperture priority + auto ISO mode, the S supports setting minimum shutter speed of 1/f or a manual…[Read more]

  • RVB;4731 wrote: Maybe I am mistaken but when I set the auto power down on the S it works great but every time I turn the camera off this resets to default which means the battery quickly drains to empty..

    Leica need to add the option of making auto power off a default preference,it is ridculous to have to keep replacing the battery.

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  • Here is slightly shopped version with more black borders, I think it looks better 🙂

  • David K;4706 wrote: Here ya go Mark…glad someone enjoys these shots 🙂 First is the uncropped version of the Noct shot, the others are with the S2 and 70mm.

    Superb shots David! Normally I would comment on how magical the Noct shot is. But then I think these 70mm shots are even more breathtaking!

    I didn't find the 70mm CS to be…[Read more]

  • David K;4610 wrote: Shooting a moving target with the Noct wide open and nailing focus is like winning Powerball 🙂

    Indeed I hope my brain can incorporate something like the new S camera's predictive focusing:)

  • Scott997;4607 wrote: Congrats on your M! What lens did you shoot the 2nd picture with?

    Thanks Scott! They're all captured with the Noctilux 0.95

  • melantye replied to the topic Fun in the Sun in the forum Images to Share 11 years ago

    David K;4554 wrote: Jack, I keep the battery pack well behind me on a towel or sheet. I'll typically look to see where the wet sand stops, past where the waves have reached and put it there. Despite having done this countless times I am still occasionally surprised just how fast the tide can come in and how far a mini rogue wave can wash past…

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  • melantye replied to the topic SDXC card issue? in the forum Leica S 11 years ago

    Ok SDXC card issue resolved, thanks to Alex AR's post

    (1) Do not format SDXC card in Leica S since out of factory they're ExFat format
    (2) Instead, format SDXC card in PC/Mac first into MS-DOS(FAT) format.
    (3) Then format the card in Leica S again just to make sure

    Happily now the card works in S.

  • Looking forward to the review David! Also if possible, please share with us how you'd like to process the files from MM.

  • melantye replied to the topic Adjust EC in 1/3 increments? in the forum S2 12 years ago

    PebblePlace;2327 wrote: Is there a way to set the EC adjustment to step in 1/3 increments rather than 1/2 step increments?

    I think David mentioned sometime ago that it's not a priority with Leica currently. I guess to achieve the new increments they need precise calibration at each ISO level.

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  • David K;2278 wrote: I want a dual sensor S3…that can switch back and forth between B&W and color by rotating a dial. And I'd like royalties if they implement my idea… 🙂

    They can add that BW mode with the CS switch, that way does not change the form factor or add any unnecessary buttons 😀

  • Please ask if they're planing on Leica S Monochrom:p joking of course.

    Very impressive news on the CS lenses!

  • fotografz;2181 wrote: One wonders how all the wonderful photography was taken before the advent of automation … LOL!

    Practice perhaps?

    One thing of value when shooting wedding photography, is that it forces a relationship with any given camera. If you use a S2 for it's strengths, then you must practice techniques that mitigate any…

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  • This post seems be abandoned for a while…

    So users here really want 1-click zoom, which is yet to be implemented. Today I am thinking of the annoying way to pan/scroll when reviewing an image. Even after 6 months I still cannot get used to it, it's just not intuitive.

    I have an idea: in review mode, we can use a long push on the 4…[Read more]

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